Your spices and ingredients wont measure themselves, so you might as well do it in style with these nifty Anna Gare Retro Measuring Spoons. These spoons sport a variety of bright and cheery colors like red, orange, and yellow. The old measuring spoons will pale in comparison. Theyre made out of ceramic and have a lip, which is perfect for pouring. This set comes with 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon, and of a teaspoon and each spoons measurement is written out on the handle for easy reading.

These measuring spoons make a great gift for bakers, cooks, and food enthusiasts, no matter their skill level or their age. And they will make a great Christmas present, Mothers Day gift, or birthday gift. And if you need more measuring utensils, we recommend the red Anna Gare Retro Measuring Cups. Then mix all your ingredients together in a red Anna Gare Retro Mixing Bowl. Youll be baking cakes, cookies, and pastries with style and ease. We also offer premium gift-wrapping, with a wide array of card options to fit your gift-giving needs.

Discover the Best Christmas Present Ideas for Kris Kringle!

When you think of Kris Kringle presents, you might conjure thoughts of dreaded office parties where you have to participate in a round of Secret Santa with a group of people you hardly know what to buy for. Ugh! We know, awful!

However, there are more enjoyable ways to give out Kris Kringle presents, such as at family events where playing Secret Santa is a choice instead of an office requirement.

The biggest difference between giving out Kris Kringle presents at a personal occasion and giving out gifts at an office event is you are more likely to know what family and friends are fond of. Co-workers are trickier because you never truly know what their hobbies and interests might be, but friends and family have closer bonds that make it easier to give out the best Christmas present ideas. We love thoughtful gifts like the Anna Gare Retro Measuring Spoons with delightful red to brighten up the kitchen, but here are some other ideas too.

What Are the Best Kris Kringle Presents for Book Lovers and Artists?

Take a moment to think about who you will be gifting with Kris Kringle presents this year. Perhaps they are avid readers. Or, maybe they love arts and crafts. They might even be artsy, crafty bookworms who love all things literary and creative. No worries! We have a wide range of Kris Kringle presents for all sorts of people; from simple book lovers, to artists, and a combination of the two.

Some of our bestselling books for both bookworms and artists are colouring books, such as the Alice in Wonderland Adult Colouring Book and The Wallpaper Colouring Book for Adults. These books combine reading and colouring for a relaxing experience that rejuvenates the mind while keeping the senses busy. Pair these with a set of Owl Themed Fluorescent Pencils for bright and beautiful pictures that book lovers and crafters can cherish and perfect.

What Are Great Kris Kringle Presents for People Who Love Cooking and Baking?

Sure, we have a huge selection of cookbooks and recipe guides, like the Sardinian Cookbook and the Guilty Pleasures Recipe Collection; but we also have lots of other kitchenware, bakeware and kitchen decor presents for loved ones who love cooking and baking.

For bakers who prefer an antiquated look to their apparel and kitchen, snag an Anna Gare Cherries Vintage Apron or an Anna Gare Daisy Apron. Both of these aprons are reminiscent of the 1950s, complete with wrap-around ties and pockets for toting around kitchen essentials from cutting board to oven. You can also give them the gift of better utensils with the Anna Gare Retro Measure Cups, Anna Gare Retro Measuring Jug, or a 10-Piece Roasting and Basting Set.

What Are the Best Kris Kringle Presents for Making New Memories?

Sometimes you draw a name that you would rather put back when playing Secret Santa, but other times you get lucky. For those times when you absolutely know what a person loves and wants, we have experience packages that would make the ultimate Kris Kringle presents.

If your gift recipient adores the countryside, considering giving them a Vineyard Picnic for 2 in Hunter Valley. Overlooking the rolling, green hills of a gorgeous mountaintop vineyard, this picnic comes complete with a comfortable blanket and a basket brimming with delicious, local-made wines and a selection of scrumptious treats.

We love gift giving here at Everything but Flowers; because our entire business is all about helping you find the perfect gifts for the people you care about. If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for family, friends or colleagues then you will find them in our online store. We will deliver your carefully chosen Christmas gifts direct to the door with order tracking, so you know where your gift is at all times.

How Can I Easily Find More Christmas Present Ideas for My Friends and Family?

Whether you are buying some Kris Kringle presents or are looking for a selection of Christmas present ideas, you are bound to find them at Everything but Flowers. Our extensive collection is packed with amazing Christmas present ideas, so whenever you need inspiration, you can always count on our website.

At Everything but Flowers, we stock good Christmas presents for all sort of recipients; this ranges from chefs to bookworms and adventurists. Check out our range of good Christmas presents today to discover all the wonderful options waiting for you.

Do you still need help finding good Christmas presents for your friends and family? Everything but Flowers can help you with finding good Christmas presents! Our team has hand-picked most of the good Christmas presents in our catalogue, so we are able to provide you with some expert recommendations.

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