1000 Piece Puzzle 'The Letter S' by Mike Wilks

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Another gorgeous puzzle from the Pomegranate Artpiece Puzzles Range; this delightful puzzle features the 1985 artwork ‘The Letter S’ by artist and author Mike Wilks.

Wilks takes puzzle makers on a journey of images beginning with the letter ‘S’. Can you see the ‘selection of shells’ or the ‘sponge to be studied’, there are 1,234 S’s included to see. Not only is this a journey of puzzle ability it’s also a journey in beautiful imagery and creative thinking too. There’s a handy list and key included to help track down all the wonderful ‘S’ inspired objects.

This 1000 piece puzzle measures 51 x 70cm and is suitable for those over the age of 3 due to the smaller sized puzzle pieces, and is crafted from sturdy board and features stunning colour reproduction of Wilk’s imagery.

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1000 Piece Puzzle ‘The Letter S’ by Mike Wilks

Do you still remember those good old days when you and your family would sit around the living room table and complete a mind-boggling puzzle? These were obviously the days when there were no computers, tablets, or smartphones to occupy one’s time alone. These were the days when everyone would come together on a Saturday night and spend some quality time—certainly something that is highly unusual nowadays. Give this feeling and experience back to the little kids in your life with an engaging and charming puzzle. Give the 1000 Piece Puzzle ‘The Letter S’ by Mike Wilks as Christmas presents for kids.
At first thought, the 1000 Piece Puzzle ‘The Letter S’ by Mike Wilks may seem like a dreary choice for Christmas presents for kids. Given the more interactive and engaging games and apps available now on smartphones and tablets, puzzles seem like something your grandmother would only be interested in. However, the perks of it can really outweigh the obvious appeal of these high-tech games available. Give Christmas presents for kids that will give them more than just simple toys. Give them the gift of quality time and familial love.
Puzzles are Novel Christmas Presents for Kids
The great thing about the 1000 Piece Puzzle ‘The Letter S’ by Mike Wilks is that they are totally unexpected gifts. Knowing kids today, it may not be the Christmas gift that they are expecting. But once they get to try it out, they will instantly fall in love with it. Even better, they may want more of it. As the one giving the gift, these are even relatively inexpensive compared to the console games and gadgets they may be expecting. Try it out and you will be amazed at just how much these Christmas presents for kids can be a real hit.
In more ways than one, these Christmas presents for kids can be more than just a mere gift. You can let them experience life the way it was before technology took over every aspect of life. It is quite rare to have any quality time with kids nowadays; more often than not, their eyes are glued to their gadgets, fingers flying over computer keyboards and you just can’t seem to penetrate that small little world they have immersed themselves in. With Christmas presents for kids like the 1000 Piece Puzzle ‘The Letter S’ by Mike Wilks, you can ensure that you get some quality time in and who knows, you might even get to know more about the goings on in their lives.
So, do not hesitate to give them an unusual and unexpected gift this Christmas. You may not be the instant favourite come gift-opening time but the benefits are far more than what their eyes can immediately see. Give them the 1000 Piece Puzzle ‘The Letter S’ by Mike Wilks this Christmas and give them a gift that just keeps on giving.
1000 Piece Puzzle ‘The Letter S’ by Mike Wilks—perfect for Christmas
At first glance, when you see the 1000 Piece Puzzle ‘The Letter S’ by Mike Wilks, you will immediately think: ‘is this an artwork or a puzzle?’ Well, you would be right on both accounts. The 1000 Piece Puzzle ‘The Letter S’ by Mike Wilks is a puzzle based on a 1985 artwork called ‘The Letter S’ by Mike Wilks. It features several items depicting the letter S making this puzzle even more challenging compared to its other contemporaries. You are not merely putting together puzzle pieces to create a picture but you are also looking for 1,234 items starting with the letter S.
It is an engaging and intricate puzzle that will leave you and the kids occupied for hours on end. From shuttlecocks and steins, to a selection of shells, the 1000 Piece Puzzle ‘The Letter S’ by Mike Wilks will captivate even the most modern of children—of all ages (above 3 years old, that is)! Find all the S words depicted in this elaborate puzzle and if you can’t, then there’s help for you. A list of all things S included in the puzzle and a key will definitely give you a boost once they you get stumped.
Do not dilly-dally. Do not give something that is expected this year. Give Christmas presents for kids that they will enjoy endlessly. The 1000 Piece Puzzle ‘The Letter S’ by Mike Wilks is the perfect solution!
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Christmas is a time for festivities, presents, families, and spending quality time together. This year, give Christmas presents for kids that the whole family will enjoy. Purchase the 1000 Piece Puzzle ‘The Letter S’ by Mike Wilks at Everything But Flowers today and turn your already magical Christmas into something even more extraordinary!