Atlas of Improbable Places Hardcover Book

Features the Strange, Mysterious, and Fascinating

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Paris is nice in spring. New York is beautiful in autumn. Istanbul is a must-see. But there’s so much more in our world than the lights of Paris, the shows on Broadway, and the Grand Bazaar. The Atlas of Improbable Places celebrates the mysterious, the wild, and the unlikely. From underground rivers to the “Door to Hell”, this atlas features vibrant photographs, maps, and stories. Travel will never be the same again.

Written by Travis Elborough. Hardback Dimensions: 25.9 x 18.5cm. 224 pages.

For brave travelers who are looking for something a bit different, the Atlas of Improbably Places makes an ideal Christmas gift. Before they know it, they’ll be visiting the Island of Dolls or San Juan Parangaricutiro!


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