Paradiso Cockee Bookends

Stunning Gold, Inspired by Australia

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Did you know that cockatoos are found all over Australia? Now theyre headed for book shelves as well. This delightful cockee pair is set to decorate the shelves of those who to have fun and quirky attitude to decorating.

While others think its difficult to find gifts for women, we know thats simply not true. This book end pair would make the perfect present for a book worm, animal lover or someone who decorates with eclectic flair in their home. Standing 10cm x 27cm and crafted from resin each bird is finished in high gloss black and gold.

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Decor Trends that Make Great Christmas Presents

The latest and greatest decor trends make the best Christmas presents for artsy, crafty designers and decorators. You might want to snag a great decor gift for that special someone who you have known and loved for years, or even decades. Or, perhaps you are buying for a new friend someone who loves the creative process of interior design and revels in the quirkiness of handmade decor.

We at Everything but Flowers have something for everyone, like these Paradiso Cockee Bookends; regardless of how long you have known the lucky recipient of your Christmas presents we've got something perfect in stock. When in doubt, we suggest going simple with a holiday gift that is both trendy and useful. For instance, loved ones and acquaintances alike would appreciate a way to showcase their memories with presents like the Bambino Rocking Horse Silver Frame, a pair of Butterfly Frames, or our Always You Wooden Heart Photo Frame.

Quirky Christmas Presents for Retro Decor Lovers

Before people could go out and grab whatever they wanted from the shelves of major department stores, loved ones made their own gifts. These Christmas presents were often knitted or handcrafted in other ways, making them all the more sentimental and special to the gift recipient. Now, the idea of making something for someone is considered antiquated, but there are still retro decor lovers who love a great holiday gift that appears to have been handmade.

Our collection of retro decor is quirky and sweet, designed to spark the decorative imaginations of the most vintage interior designers. For the entertainers, hosts, and hostesses in your gift-giving list, we have a quartet of Anna Gare Retro Jar Tumblers, complete with blue and red striped straws. The glasses are Mason jars with little handles, perfect for enjoying glasses of iced lemonade with friends on a summer afternoon.

Christmas Presents that Double as Housewarming Gifts

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We offer a wide range of decor gifts that would add that little extra touch of comfort and love to a new home. Our Copper String LED Lights would beautifully brighten up a new garden space, while our Lucky Rabbits add a touch of charm to any living space. Or, give the gift of literal comfort with a Bird Cushion, featuring a hand-drawn birdie portrait on a plush backdrop.

Scented Christmas Gift Ideas for Around-the-House Decor

We have all been there. You walk into someones home or office and there is a distinctive scent one that you associate with that person every time you see them afterwards. From vanilla, to lemons, to patchouli and more, we at Everything but Flowers offer scented Christmas presents in the form of candles and oils for the around the house. Two of our best-selling candles are the Amalfi Citron Candle and the Urban Rituelle Mens Soy Candle both fresh-scented, long-lasting, and perfect for accentuating the natural fragrances of a home. Don't forget the Paradiso Cockee Bookends a perfect Christmas gifts idea for those who love unique home decor or who are animal lovers; we really do have a range of gifts for everyone at Everything but Flowers.