MOR Boxed Marshmallow Triple Milled Soap 180g

Refreshing Pampering For Her

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Immerse your senses with the refreshing scent of this MOR Marshmallow Triple Milled Soap that treats your skin with creamy lather and lingering fragrance. Its Shea butter content thoroughly moisturises your skin along with Vitamin E and glycerin that protect and rejuvenate the skin for a youthful luxurious glow.

The irresistible fragrance of this product springs from the marvellous blend of marshmallow, vanilla musk, and jasmine flower with the delightful scents of sugar dipped rose petals, white carnation, and cotton candy. This intricately embossed soap defines the delicate essence of feminine charm.

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The Best Christmas Present Ideas for Customers on a Budget!

You may have a ton of good Christmas presents to buy, or perhaps just a few, but money's tight. Nonetheless, it is still possible to buy good Christmas presents. The best presents are the ones that bring a smile to someone’s face, and you do not have to spend a lot to do that. The MOR Marshmallow Triple Milled Soap is a great example of a Christmas present that is appreciated and affordable!  

What Are Some Affordable Christmas Presents for Kids?

A brilliant Christmas present for children and parents is the Set of 6 'Body Doodlers' Washable Body Crayons, which are non-toxic and washable. Parents and children can paint animal faces, a grisly pirate, a clown or go free-form, full-on Picasso! For a great price, you instantly have Christmas presents for kids that will provide loads of fun.

Another one of our Christmas present ideas that does not look in any way 'budget' is the Floppy the Rabbit LED Ornament, a gentle glowing rabbit-shaped nightlight that a youngster will love.

For boys or teens who are into shoot-em-up video games (you must know quite a few) check out the Grenade Coffee Mug. It is shaped like a proper grenade, with authentic military markings and a handle modelled on a firing pin.

Teenage girls and boys who are into more edgy styling will think you are super-cool for buying the Berlin Street Style Book. It teaches readers about Berlin’s anti-chic style and how to recreate it with vintage pieces, essential basics, and carefully selected accessories. There are so many Christmas present ideas for Christmas presents for kids that are exciting and different, which is the kinds of Christmas presents for kids we are good at.

What Are the Most Affordable Christmas Present Ideas for Grown-Ups?

How about a condiment dispenser shaped like a ray gun? You know any lovers of sci-fi and barbecue? Actually anybody will love our Barbecue Condiment Gun. It has two cartridges for tomato ketchup and mustard, or mayonnaise and barbecue sauce whichever combo they like.

An affordable yet beautiful gift that looks expensive is the MOR Marshmallow Triple Milled Soap. The box is pretty, the soap has a gorgeous design, it is pink and smells divine, making it one of the staples of our Christmas presents for women collection. This is the kind of usable Christmas present she might want to preserve for display!

How about something every man should have? And if he does not, and gets one, he'll wonder why he never had one in the first place! It's the Victorinox Red Swiss Army Pocket Knife, that pocket-sized classic that'll let him cut fruit on the go, open mail with the blade, or even file his nails!

Adult colouring books are all the rage at the moment, so you will find that many of these are included in our overview of Christmas present ideas. We have quite the collection, including the Enchanted Forest Adult Colouring Book, which transports the artist to a magical land waiting to be coloured into life. It does not come with pencils or crayons, so maybe include a set of colour pencils too.

We don't do boring Christmas presents at Everything but Flowers which is why we know you'll find beautiful Christmas presents in store and ready to deliver directly to their door.

How Can I Find the Best Christmas Present Ideas for My Budget?

At Everything but Flowers, we have a convenient website where you can easily find good Christmas presents for your budget. At the top of our Christmas catalogue, you will find a useful filter enabling you to filter results on price as well as recipients.

If your budget is not too strict this holiday season, but you want to get some affordable and good Christmas presents nonetheless, you can easily find our best options by using the sorting menu, which is also found on top of the catalogue. Simply select “lowest price” and get an instant overview of the most affordable options.

Need some help finding good Christmas presents for your friends and family this festive season? You can always count on the assistance of the Everything but Flowers team. Simply call us or send us an email for some help.