BBQ Branding Iron 

Know who's steak belongs to who!

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By the Australian kitchenware experts Davis & Waddell and a part of their Maverick Barbecuing Range, this customisable BBQ Branding Iron is sure to be a red hot hit at any Summer Barbeque Party! Cooking steaks and burgers to perfection is an art. How you serve them is personal, so why not personalise that service by branding in your own name, a witty expression or anything else that you can dream up? The BBQ branding iron comes with all the letters in the alphabet and spaces that allow you to spell out just about anything.

When you are happy with your wording, simply lay the BBQ branding iron on the grill to heat up the letters and, when the branding iron is very hot, press it against your meat to give it your own personalised brand.


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