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Gift vouchers are the most practical gift for loved ones who you just aren't quite sure what to buy for Christmas, birthdays or any other special occasion.

We all know that with the busy lives we lead it can be difficult to find the perfect gift. Not only is it hard to find time to shop, but people's interests, likes and dislikes change so often that it can be so hard to keep up when we don't get the chance to see people in person all the time.

This is why we love gift vouchers. For Christmas gifting they make a wonderful Christmas present for kids so they can choose what interests them; they make great Christmas presents for women because they can treat themselves to something luxurious, and they make great Christmas gifts for men because we've got an awesome range of men's books, BBQ gear and even fun novelty items to choose from.

It's not all about Christmas though, it might be one of our favourite times of year, but gift vouchers make great birthday presents - they truly make the entire occasion just about the recipient. It's a great way to celebrate their birthday, and let them do all the shopping for their favourite online gift store finds.

Need to treat your partner for your anniversary? A gift voucher gives them the freedom to choose something they'll love, and if you've forgotten to buy a gift, then don't worry, we make gift giving so easy, by emailing the voucher to your recipient instantly, or on a date and time that you specify.

Terms and Conditions of Use: Vouchers are not redeemable for cash. All Vouchers are emailed to the recipient. It is the customers responsibility to ensure the correct email address is supplied. Vouchers are valid for 3 Years from the date of issue. Any unused balance will not be refunded or credited on expiry. Vouchers may not be redeemed for the purchase of another Gift Voucher. Vouchers are non-transferable. Any unused portion of a voucher will be placed on the recipients Everything But Flowers account and can be used on any future purchases within the 3 Year period. Normal Everything But Flowers sales conditions apply.


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Why gift vouchers are sometimes the best option for Christmas gifts

Everything But Flowers is one of Australia's biggest online gift sites. We understand, however, that sometimes you don't have time, you have too many gifts to buy, or you either don't have the time or are finding Christmas gifts buying overwhelming. If any of these are the case, we are here to come to the rescue!

Gift vouchers for Christmas give people what they love choice!

We've all experienced receiving Christmas gifts that we don't like. There's a tinge of guilt mixed with disappointment, because we'd love to enjoy what somebody went to the trouble to buy us. The trouble with buying Christmas gifts is, a lot of people are extremely picky, even if they don't admit it.

One way to navigate round all the worry and potential disappointment is to buy Christmas gift vouchers. They've got a bad rap as being easy Christmas gifts and of course they're easy to buy however many people, especially ones who are short of cash, absolutely love getting gift vouchers.

Gift Vouchers For Christmas are Perfect for students and others when money is tight

You must remember a time when you couldn't afford any treats at all. Every penny had to be accounted for. Or think of when you were a child and had your nose pressed against a window, looking longingly at something inside, wishing money would fall from the sky! If you know any people who are short of money and asked them if they'd rather receive Christmas gifts they might not like or vouchers, they'll opt for the latter without hesitation.

It's a great feeling after having a long period of not being able to treat yourself, to have money to spend on whatever you wish. Our site has thousands of Christmas gifts, from practical items to novelty items just for fun and frolics, so there's no shortage of Christmas presents to choose from.

Gift Vouchers for Christmas really can be as good as a physical gift

Most people like to receive at least one Christmas gift that's a wrapped-up surprise. You'll know friend and relatives who are not strapped for cash, but dislike waste, and they might consider people spending good money on the wrong Christmas presents for them to be wasteful! This is when vouchers will be seen as practical and very welcome.

These friends and family members will be particularly delighted when they browse the Everything But Flowers site, because we really have curated an array of wonderful gifts for all tastes.

The gift vouchers are emailed to the recipients, so you know they'll receive them. An email with a lovely surprise how many of those do we get?

So don't worry if you're giving Christmas gift vouchers, because your loved ones will be able to choose exactly what delights them, which is what Christmas presents are designed for!