A keepsake Christmas decoration filled with delicious crispy honeycomb chocolates and gooey caramel filled chocolate truffles.

Butlers Chocolates Gold Christmas Star with Honeycomb & Caramel Truffles 150g

Christmas, indeed, is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also the busiest, with everyone looking for Christmas presents to give their loved ones and special someone. With the many choices available to you, have you got any idea of what to give?
Christmas Presents: What Should You Get for a Special Someone?
We want our gift to be something special and not just something that you pick up from the store. We want it to be always remembered or looked at with fondness. We want our present to be something that will bring a smile on the recipient’s face.
What makes a great Christmas gift? Here are some tips and considerations:
●    Unique Christmas presents make amazing gifts. Since everyone is getting presents for everybody, thinking out of the box when it comes to gift giving is a great idea. Your gift will definitely stand out from the rest if it’s not your everyday gift item found in gift stores.
●    Homemade items make wonderful Christmas presents too. If you’re good with arts and crafts or possess cooking and baking skills, then you can simply make homemade goods or create your own crafts and give them as gifts to the special people in your life.
●    Consider the person to whom you’ll give the present. This will greatly help in deciding what item you’re going to get. Determine what he or she likes, what colour he or she prefers, or what his or her hobbies are.
●    Give something with a holiday feel. Plenty of Christmas-themed gifts can be bought in gift stores, all of which create a holiday vibe. For instance, there are luscious chocolates that come in gold, red, or green tin cans or boxes, giving them an extra special appeal to those who are looking for perfect gifts to give for Christmas.
Butlers Chocolates Gold Christmas Star
This is not your ordinary chocolate Christmas gift. It contains honeycomb crisp chocolates and caramel chocolate truffles. The chocolates are individually wrapped; the gooey caramel truffles are in gold and orange plastic wrappers; and the honeycomb crisps are wrapped in gold and yellow.
Then, these chocolates are placed in a gorgeous Christmas star keepsake that can be used as a décor. The golden Christmas star is embellished with Butlers’ signature design, thus adding to the box’s allure and charm.
Butlers Chocolates make great Christmas presents. Butlers is Ireland’s premier luxury chocolate-maker known for creating a heavenly assortment of luxurious chocolate truffles. It is a favourite because of its opulent boxed chocolate assortments and sharing packs, sugar confectionery, filled and solid chocolate bars, and seasonal chocolate assortments and novelties.
Christmas Presents at Everything But Flowers
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