A keepsake Christmas decoration filled with delicious crispy honeycomb chocolates and gooey caramel filled chocolate truffles.

Butlers Chocolates Gold Christmas Star

The Yuletide Season is a time of merry gatherings, sumptuous feasts, and selfless giving of Christmas presents. Gift-giving is an activity that everyone enjoys. Through thoughtful gifts, family, and friends are able to express their affection for one another. Because of this tradition, Christmas is a favourite holiday for many. It is never too early to plan and buy Christmas presents for your loved ones. This year, make Christmas extra sweet and special with Butlers’ Gold Christmas Star chocolates.
What to Love About Butlers Chocolates?

Butlers, pride itself for being a purveyor of happiness through its luxury chocolates. Hailing from Ireland, Butlers prefers locally produced ingredients in making the best-tasting chocolates. The company lives by excellence in every aspect of its business. At the heart of its philosophy are exceptional product quality, taste, packaging, and customer satisfaction. Due to its chocolates’ undeniable luscious taste, Butlers now has over 80 years of presence on its belt and has captivated nations around the world, including Australia. 
Made from premium ingredients, Butlers chocolates have distinct taste that will make any mortal ask for more. Its chocolates like this Gold Christmas Star chocolate are a product of extensive research for global trends and the finest ingredients. As a result, every package of Butlers chocolate contains irresistible goodness appealing to the taste buds.
Why Buy Chocolates as Christmas Presents?

Made especially for the Christmas holiday, Butlers Gold Christmas Star chocolate has a dual function. The chocolates’ golden star-shaped case doubles as a Christmas décor. Impressed on the case are ornate white patterns that complement the cheery vibe of Christmastime. It can be placed on a table, countertop, or on a Christmas tree. Its elegant appearance will suit elaborately decorated homes and add a subtle sweetness in the Christmas air.
Even more inviting than its lush packaging are delicious Butlers chocolates found inside. Filled with gooey caramel and crispy honeycomb chocolate selection, everyone is in for a surprise in every bite of this goody. This Butlers chocolate is a befitting treat for a festive season. It is perfect for sharing and will surely put everyone in good holiday spirits.
Let your Christmas presents deliver sweetness and delight to your loved ones. Spread happiness and let everyone’s sweet tooth be fulfilled this Christmas with Butlers Gold Christmas Star chocolates.
What Other Christmas Presents Can I Buy from Everything But Flowers?

Everything But Flowers is one of the largest online gift shops in Australia. We are passionate about gift-giving. As such, we ensure that our products stay true to quality standards and that our packaging will automatically make people smile. We have in stock a variety of products for everyone and for all occasions.
Our Christmas presents range is complete with gift essentials carefully handpicked by our team. We have beautiful Christmas décors, chic kitchenware, adorable kids’ stuff, cosmetic, home accessories, books, a selection of hampers, and many more delicious treats in store. Browse our page and discover more amazing Christmas presents similar to Butlers Gold Christmas Star chocolates.