Sweet Bites Hamper

Gourmet Nuts, Assorted Chocolates and More

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Enjoy the tastiest treats on offer with the Sweet Bites Gift Hamper. If you like it sweet, we've got the hamper for you! This gourmet gift hamper combines our selection of chocolates, salted caramel sauce, and some sweet flavours of candied nuts.

We offer the best gourmet hampers you'll find in Australia! There are imposters out there with their own hampers, but no other company offers gifts at an exceptional value and guarantees it.

Delicious, crisp old fashioned caramelised peanut brittle makes a perfect combination in this hamper. A delectable nibble straight from The Woods Farm.
Many of our quality hampers like this one also include Butlers Gold Dessert Menu Chocolate Assortment. These perfectly deliciously chocolates are irresistible to any guest. 
From our selection of delicious hampers, this gift includes two delicious varations to Maya & Monte. Two decadent flavours made with the finest ingredients.Maya & Monte's Chocolate Covered Pretzels and the Dark Chocolate covered Cranberries. 

Whether it s a loved one, a colleague or just a very special friend, hampers with this exquisite collection sweets are sure to delight. 


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Biscuits & Sweets
Island Berries Tasmania Salted Caramel Sauce 250ml

Island Berries Tasmania Salted Caramel Sauce 250ml

Pour this delicious sauce on ice cream, pancakes, waffles, pudding or anything you desire!

Random Harvest Salted Caramel Peanut Brittle 125g

Random Harvest Salted Caramel Peanut Brittle 125g

That perfect mouth watering salted caramel flavor has been harnessed to perfection in this crunchy treat from Random Harvest.

'The Dessert Menu' by Butlers Chocolates 110g

'The Dessert Menu' by Butlers Chocolates 110g

Lovingly crafted in a delicate chocolate shell are our favourites desserts; Crème Brûlee, Lemon Parfait, Raspberry Panna Cotta and more.

Maya & Monte Chocolate Covered Pretzels 120g

Maya & Monte Chocolate Covered Pretzels 120g

Delicious pretzels coated in exotic milk chocolate.

Maya & Monte Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries 140g

Maya & Monte Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries 140g

Whole cranberries coated in 80% dark exotic cocoa chocolate.

Ernest Hillier Milk Chocolate Liquorice 240g

Ernest Hillier Milk Chocolate Liquorice 240g

Australian Liquorice generously coated in layers of Ernest Hillier Creamy Milk Chocolate.

Mother's Day Gift Hamper Treats

Mother’s Day hampers are a great way to give mum a gift that keeps on giving. With a wide selection of tasty treats and snacks, she can nibble for days on end! Our Sweet Bites Gift Hamper is made for mums with a serious sweet tooth. Filled to the brim with chocolates, biscuits, and other sweet snacks, this Mother’s Day hamper is pure heaven.

The Sweet Bites Gift Hamper showcases Australian companies, including Luken & May and Morgan’s. But your mum will also find sweets from France, Sweden, and Ireland! What do you think? Would your mum appreciate a quick trip through Europe this Mother’s Day?

Invite your mum to enjoy Maison Fossier.

Maison Fossier, based in Reims, France, consistently proves that the French know their way around a bakery. Each and every biscuit produced continues a long tradition of French biscuit making. The word ‘biscuit’ even comes from the French words used to describe a confection that has been twice cooked.

This respectable bakery is committed to providing consumers with a small taste of history, but with modern values. To work in such a way that protects the environment and encourages economic development, Maison Fossier implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility policy. With values like these, your mum can really enjoy that biscuit!

Introduce your mother to Luken & May!

Now that your mum has enjoyed a delicious trip to France, bring her back to Australia for some tasty home-grown biscuits. Luken & May, known for their delectable line of butterburst biscuits, was acquired in 2008 by Byron Bay Cookie Company.

Like Maison Fossier, Luken & May strive to stay true to their original recipes. And it’s no wonder! Their biscuits have won several awards, which is why we’ve included Luken & May in our Sweet Bites Gift Hamper. We refused to overlook one of Australia’s leading biscuit brands.

Now fly your mum to Sweden without ever leaving the ground!

In 1929, sisters Anna and Emma opened a small bakery in Stockholm, Sweden. They baked an assortment of delicious biscuits. Their iconic gingerbread has stayed the same for decades and is made with simple ingredients: sugar, flour, baking soda, fat, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves. However, the proportions are a safely guarded secret!

Since 1929, the company has switched hands a few times, but the legacy they built lives on with each product they ship. In fact, you can now find Anna’s in over 20 countries.

A Mother’s Day hamper filled with history.

In this sweet Mother’s Day hamper, we showcase companies committed to quality, to authenticity, and to history. And the proof is in the biscuit: these companies know what they’re doing. For a delicious and authentic experience, give your mum our Sweet Bites Gift Hamper this Mother’s Day. With each bite and biscuit, she’ll connect to a long history of hard work and delicious legacies.