Laguiole French-Made Ivory Cheese Knife Set

French Styling For The Kitchen

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Laguiole by Andre Verdier cutlery is like no other. It is breathtakingly beautiful, delightful to use and exquisitely crafted by hand. Each piece represents the pinnacle of workmanship that sets Andre Verdier's cutlery apart from all others. Each piece has 25 manual production stages including sharpened polished blades and special attention to the brightness associated with the durable ABS handles. Verdier is one of the largest Laguiole manufacturers, their products are stocked in famous department stores all over the world including Galleries Lafayette in Paris, Bloomingdales in New York and John Lewis in London. About Laguiole ( pronounced lag-ee-ol ) is not a brand but rather a style of traditional French knife. Created by the farmers that lived and worked in the region of Thiers. There are a number of factories producing 'Laguiole' knives and cutlery - from the very exclusive to the lower end. Andre Verdier produces middle to high-end ranges regularly found in the boutiques and famous department stores throughout the world. The blades of these Steak Knives are made of high quality Stainless Steel. They are stamped, ground and hand polished with over 25 manual production stages. The polished sharpened blades ensure a perfect cutting edge. The handles are made from an ABS plastic. This is a high impact light weight acrylic material - 30 times more durable than regular plastic. They are dishwasher safe when used with liquid dishwasher detergent. Features the trademark Laguiole Bee on each handle. Beautifully presented in a wooden display box. Dishwasher safe. Set Contains: Cheese Fork, Cheese Knife & Cheese Cleaver. Handle Colour: Ivory.


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Our Mothers Day gift ideas will make you say cheese!

Anyone who spends time in the kitchen knows that there are specific utensils for just about every type of food. For example, a paring knife is used primarily to peel fruit and vegetables. And just as your knife block is filled with specialised knives, different types of cheese require distinct utensils.

Our Laguiole by Jean Dubost Cheese Knife Set has everything you could need to throw an incredible cocktail party, to serve a delicious cheese platter, or simply to enjoy a snack in the middle of the night. So if youre looking for Mothers Day gift ideas for your cheese-loving mum, you can stop your search.

Whats the purpose of cheese spreader?

As you may have guessed, a cheese spreader is designed to spread soft cheeses, like Brie, Neufchtel, Camembert, and soft goat cheese. Soft cheese is usually aged for more than a month, but less than hard cheeses. For the mum with a soft spot for soft cheese, our Jean Dubost Cheese Knife Set should be at the first on your list of Mothers Day gift ideas.

When would you use a cheese cleaver?

As cheese sits and ages, it grows harder and more dry. With these harder cheeses, youll find that a regular knife just wont do. Cheese cleavers, due to their weight, are ideal for cutting through semi-hard and hard cheeses. Throwing a soiree? If you want to prepare a cheese platter that includes Cheddar, Swiss, Gouda, or Asiago, a cheese cleaver will help you slice perfect and precise portions. We know what youre thinking: your list of Mothers Day gift ideas just got one cleaver-sized item bigger!

What is a spoke-tipped cheese knife?

When you see a thin knife with two prongs, or spokes, at the end, youre dealing with a spoke-tipped cheese knife. These are used to serve aged cheeses. I can hear you asking, arent all cheeses aged? Well, for the most part. Ignoring fresh cheeses like Mozzarella, youll find that cheese gains its distinctive flavour due to several factors, including the aging process.

If you arent sure which knife should be used with what cheese, the spoke-tipped universal knife is your best friend. Sharp and ready for anything, this knife can be proudly placed beside both soft and hard cheeses. And if youre wondering, the spokes on the end are intended to help hard and crumbly cheeses, like feta, break apart naturally, thus maintaining the flavor.

Get a load of these ABS handles!

Finding Mothers Day gift ideas for clumsy cheese-lovers isnt easy! But the utensils in our Laguiole by Jean Dubost Cheese Knife Set are finished with gorgeous and sturdy ABS plastic handles. So you dont have to worry about clumsily cracking these beautiful handles on the floor or in the sink.