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For those interested in photography, but have never taken the leap to truly understand how to take the perfect snap, our Introduction to Digital Phototherapy could be the best opportunity for them to truly get to know and understand their very own digital camera. Sifting through the instruction booklet can be exhausting and confusing, but our course gives holistic instructions through various methods to ensure practical learning and understanding. The basics are covered to ensure they finish up ready to take on the world with their new found skills!

The course is located in Canberra and run by an enthusiastic and experienced photographer, who believes smaller lessons of no more than 5 are key to ensuring each individual gets the most out of their experience. The interactive workshop covers all kinds of different and commonly unknown or misunderstood issues with digital cameras and photography including why some backgrounds come up soft and fuzzy, or some come up sharp; why the subject comes up light or dark; why the focus will appear on something we don’t want; and a lot more! The class will learn how to control these functions and why they happen.

Skills and concepts covered:

- What the camera’s shutter speed and aperture does to control the light needed to take a photo

- The difference between the A or Av, S or Tv, M, P and the fully automatic modes of cameras

- Exposure – what it means and does

- Understanding what different shutter speeds and aperture selections do

- ISO settings – what they mean, what they are for, and their implications

- Skills for perfect focussing

- Look at ‘white balance’ and its importance

To make sure everyone in the class gets a really good grasp of the content, the lesson is structured to consist of alternating between discussions, demonstrations and practicing new skills. Practicality is the main focus – creating a space for greater learning capacity. Also, having small classes ensures there is individual opportunities to discuss issues, and gain lots of one-on-one assistance. The photos taken by the students throughout will be reviewed at the end of the course and constructive feedback will be given.

The perfect gift for anyone you know who wants to really step up their digital photography game – ideal for the absolute beginner, who will get to know their camera to take the perfect snaps. All participants must bring along their own digital camera, and make sure it has a good amount of charge.

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