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Good Gifts for Boys aged 5 - 12 can be hard to find sometimes, so that’s why Everything But Flowers is here to help you. 

Gifts for Boys Ages 3 – 6

Want to get your kids some gifts but not sure what to get for them? We all know that kids love toys but it is important to get them good toys that would be educational or toys that would help them develop some skills. You don’t have to worry not knowing where to get such toys because Everything But Flowers has such toys! 

My kids love plush toys. Are there any plush toys available at Everything But Flowers?

Yes, we do have plush toys available at Everything But Flowers. You can browse our online catalogue and look for Racoo the Dog, a soft and fuzzy grey colour dog, if your kids love dogs.

If your kids love bears, you can take a look at Tubbs the bear, Li’l Bear, and Fuzzy Bear. Bears are kids’ favourites and are the most popular kids’ gifts. These teddy bears are cute and cuddly and are very lovable. Kids are sure to love these plush toys.

There are also plush toys such as Playschool Big Ted Beanie, Humpty Dumpty Plush, Peter Rabbit Large Plush, Cuddly Hippo, Cuddly Soft Sheep, Larry, Jungle Tiger and Lambert in Green Knitted Jumper. 

Take a look at our plush toys and choose your kids’ favourites and then get it for them as kids’ gifts! Birthday presents, Christmas presents, these plush toys are perfect as kids’ gifts! Get your kids these gifts today!

Are there any storybooks available at Everything But Flowers?

There are many storybooks suitable for kids and are available at Everything But Flowers. For storybooks, browse our online catalogue and look for Winnie-the-Pooh ABC Book, Goodnight Darth Vader, Peter Rabbit ‘Hello Peter’ Board Book, Peter Rabbit ‘My First Little Library’, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book by Eric Car, Every Little Thing and Little Library – Guess How Much I Love You. These books are lovely as kids’ gifts! You can encourage your kids to read with these storybooks.

If your kids are huge fans of Star Wars, they would love Goodnight Darth Vader. It is not just any ordinary bedtime story. This book is full of humour and charming illustrations. In this episode, Darth Vader must soothe his rambunctious twins, Luke and Leia, who aren’t quite ready to go to bed either. 

What toys are great for kids and are educational at the same time? Can I find such toys at Everything But Flowers?

If you’re looking for toys that are great for kids and are educational at the same time, you have come to the right place! Everything But Flowers has educational toys that are great as kids’ gifts. Check out Ben & Holly Memory Cards Game, a game that trains your kids’ memory with its memory cards game, so you can help your kids improve their memory just by playing with this card game. Get familiar with names of different countries all around the world with our Inflatable World Globe. 

Want to teach your kids how to tell the time? Get them this Wooden Clock Game with Thomas and teach them how! 

For more information about the rest of the toys, log on to our website to find out more! There are many more toys available at Everything But Flowers, waiting for you to discover!

Buying the right presents for young children is important, because not all toys are suitable for young recipients. Fortunately, Everything but Flowers provides customers with a complete overview of gifts suitable for children of a certain age range; this includes this range, which contains toys that are suitable for boys between the age of three and six. Still, an appropriate gifts range does not mean that our range of gifts is boring, far from it, because this collection of gifts is incredibly versatile.

Inside our range of gifts for boys, you will find popular gift choices such as the cuddly toys and little nightlights. However, you can also find educational gift and more unusual toys you won’t find in every store; this includes a dinosaur board book, memory cards game, magnetic dress up pirates and more. There are also gifts that enable young children to make their own snacks, for example our Icy Pole Maker Set of 4. Still, no matter which gift you choose from this range, you can always count on it being loved by your recipient.