Want to know what to get Dad for Father’s Day for 2021?

WARNINGDad Jokes contained within - any laughter experienced will be purely coincidental. Jokes may be used against women and children so approach with caution.

For a start, don't get him anything with Velcro, it's a complete rip off (you didn't even see that one coming did you!)

OK, let’s move on quickly, we've got the answer for your Father’s Day question, and you can even get FREE Standard Shipping delivery for orders over $99 anywhere in Australia

Here's a quick list of our top selling products for Father’s Day around Australia.

But before we get into it, if you've got small children who should be sleeping now, you might want to call the police because they're resisting a rest!


Here's our top picks


An ex-convict; James Squire was never a man to let life simply pass by; and with a little luck, plenty of charm and skill, his success as Australia's first brewer is still celebrated and enjoyed by today's generations of beer lovers.

James Squire Gift Hamper Father's Day



Includes everything you didn’t know you needed! And NOW, you may call yourself the Barbeque Guru.

BBQ Tool Set Father's Day Gift


A game-changing Father’s Day gift if ever we saw one. The traditionally predictable gift of beers and/or a pair of quirky socks, have been combined for the delightful Father’s Day Surprise that is, (you guessed it!) the revolutionary Beer Socks!

Beer Socks Father's Day Gift

Cook it more, more, more! How do ya like it? How do ya like it? A good steak is like a work of art, when grilled to (each individual person’s preference of) perfection. Make no mistake at the next BBQ as to who’s is who’s or if Uncle Ron said medium well or medium rare.

Branding Iron Father's Day Gift


You’ll have your next camping trip always planned; A gift that keeps on giving in the form of cooking up a feast and priceless time spent with friends and family, in the beautiful Aussie outdoors.

King of the Grill Father's Day Gift Hamper

A gift that is a direct reflection of our dear Dad; Smooth, classy, sweet and above all, aged (the older it is the better it gets!). Product Disclosure: Contents of hamper is known to increase likelihood of Dad Dancing. 

Glenmorangie Father's Day Gift



Our beer hampers are the perfect gift hamper for those who enjoy adventuring the world via unique beer brews and blends; and every beer lover we know does! Packed beautifully imagine their joy when they discover the gourmet beers waiting inside for them. 

United Nations of Beers Father's Day Gift Hamper



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OK, last one...

What do you call someone with no body and no nose?

Nobody Nose

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