Waterford Crystal Blush Gin Decanter 500ml

Sparkling Crystalline From The Rebel Collection

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Waterford Crystal is a name synonymous with quality, and the Rebel Blush Decanter is a fine example of Waterfords stunning crystal masterpieces the company has been creating since 1783. The Rebel collection celebrates nonconformist cool from award winning designer Jo Sampson.

This shimmering crystalline decanter features a pink delicate tone that contrasts with the crystal clear stopper for a unique look that is sure to make an impression with guests. Wrapped around the bottle is a metal tag embossed with the word GIN to provide added elegance. Designed in Ireland and presented in a Waterford Rebel gift box, this decanter has a 500ml capacity.

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Store your favourite gin in this Blush Gin Decanter by Waterford Crystal.

You walk into your favorite bar. Maybe you’re meeting friends or just saying hello to the bartender. Behind the bar, you see a display of glass and crystal bottles, all filled with cocktail-ready liquor. This beautiful sight sparkles and beckons you to order your favorite drink. Maybe a gin martini would be nice. Or perhaps you prefer a gin and tonic.

Whatever your tastes, the decanters give the bar a comfortable, organised appearance. They heighten the experience of savouring your favourite cocktail.

For gin-enthusiasts everywhere, this Blush Gin Decanter from Waterford Crystal makes a thoughtful Father’s Day or men’s gift.

Why decant your gin?

Some alcohol needs to be decanted to breathe, like red wine. Others, like port, should be decanted to limit the amount of sediment. But by and large, the best reason to decant is to organise and present your liquor in a lovely display. This Blush Gin Decanter by Waterford Crystal, for instance, gives class and style to any and every bottle of gin.

Serving gin from a decanter is also quite tasteful. Why, you ask? Though bragging about the quality of your gin can be fun, it’s not the best way to impress your guests. Being hush-hush about the gin you serve, whatever its price or quality, is a sign of elegance and refinement. When serving drinks, there’s no easier way to be dashing and debonair than pouring from a beautiful decanter.

This Waterford Crystal decanter is a gift with class, style, and purpose.

The Blush Gin Decanter, among our favourite gifts for him, is an all-around great gift for any man who loves a sip of gin from time to time. Its style is elegant, while also being rebellious and different. The blush-coloured crystal is simply stunning. But don’t let the beautiful colour and design distract from its practicality and purpose. The decanter can hold up to 500ml of gin and measures 16 x 10 x 10cm.

This well-rounded men’s gift is perfect for impressing friends, family members, and dinner party guests. It’s definitely a conversation piece! Whether your home bar is well-established or just getting started, this decanter will fit right in.

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What’s nicer than a lovely cocktail at the end of the day? Drinking from the perfect glasses and enjoying a wide array of timeless barware. Our selection of both will have you thirsty for your favourite beverage. This crystal Blush Gin Decanter is ideal for any and every home bar. In fact, you’ll swear the gin tastes even better than before!

Everything But Flowers has barware and crystal for Father’s Day, Christmas, and every occasion between. And you can never go wrong with crystal; it’s timeless, elegant, and beautiful.