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Birthdays are such an important time of year. That one day that's all about the birthday person, where friends and family come together to celebrate; so we know that this gorgeous copper mug is going to make them feel extra special this year.

This stunning copper finish birthday mug reads 'It's My Birthday, Today" so that not a moment goes by without a little celebration.

Looking for something extra? We've got thousands of gift ideas in stock and ready to send out to your lucky gift recipient, so no matter what they like and what your budget, we've got you covered at Everything But Flowers.

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Find the Best 18th Birthday Presents for Your Loved Ones.

What makes this copper mug a great gift for an 18th birthday?

This copper mug is a great way to commemorate someone’s 18th birthday, and to celebrate the fact that he or she is now legally allowed to drink.  It is a high quality mug that won’t ever break, making it a timeless keepsake that will surely see lots of use for a long time to come. 

It features an extremely shiny and eye catching finish, and ‘It’s My Birthday Today’ printed across the cup.   It is also very stylish and quite uncommon compared to other types of drinking glasses and mugs which are usually made out of ceramic, glass, plastic or stainless steel.

What types of drinks are used with copper mugs?

Copper mugs have been used for hundreds of years due to its ability to keep drinks cold for longer periods of time.  This makes them perfect for cocktails, mixed drinks and other refreshing beverages like iced tea or even cold water for those blazingly hot summer days.  As cold drinks are poured into the mug, the metal will quickly cool down, offering a refreshingly chilly experience as soon as the rim touches your lips.

One cocktail in particular that’s often associated with copper mugs is the Moscow Mule.  It is a fairly simple mixture of vodka, ginger beer and lime juice, which is then poured over ice into a copper mug.  Though the recipe for the Moscow Mule has been around since the 1940s, its popularity has risen in recent years, and is often featured in magazines and social media as a refreshing cool drink served with ice in a copper mug.  If you wish to give someone experience a proper Moscow Mule experience, this copper mug is the perfect gift for his or her birthday celebration. 

What other great 18th birthday presents can I find at Everything But Flowers?


If you’re looking for great gifts for an 18th birthday, we’ve got an amazing collection of items to suit different tastes and budgets.  Aside from the Moscow Mule copper mug, we’ve got a range of drinkware and glassware to commemorate someone’s coming of age.

Check out the Mexican Sombrero Shot Glasses, which comes as a set of four shot glasses each with a caricature of mustachioed Mexican face printed on the glass and a bright yellow sombrero to hold the lime wedges and salt.  It puts a fun twist on the classic tequila shot and is great for parties and late night celebrations.

The Diamond Shot Glass is another great gift that allows you to drink different types of spirits in style.  It is a truly unique shot glass with a diamond shaped base that comfortably sits at an angle.  It looks especially good when it’s filled with amber coloured spirits, which accentuates the interesting lines and angles across the top and bottom sections of the glass.

If you’re looking for a gift with more class and sophistication, check out the Champagne Shot Glasses from Soiree.  This set of four mini Champagne flutes is ideal for French Champagne, Italian Prosecco, and other varieties of white wine.  It’s the perfect companion for celebrations that call for popping a bottle of Champagne, and definitely an essential for every home, and a must for dinner parties.

Drinking Games

We also have a range of drinking games that are perfect for people who love to party, as well as those who just want to make drinking with friends a little more interesting.  There’s Drinkopoly, which combines the fun of board games, jokes and shots.  You can also pick up the Tipsy Tower Drinking Game which will test your hand-eye coordination, balance, patience and self-control all while drinking several rounds of shots. 

Gift Hampers

Our selection of gift hampers will give you lots of options for birthday gifts for your loved ones, friends and casual acquaintances.  Our beer hampers, which are filled with premium craft beers and ciders and an assortment of tasty nibbles, are definitely a great way to celebrate a birthday.  We also have gift hampers filled with bottles of fine wine and Champagne, and an assortment chocolates and gourmet snacks.

Personalised Gifts

We offer a huge range personalised leather goods for both men and women that are great gift ideas for any birthday.  These accessories can be customised with the birthday celebrant’s initials, which make them a truly special and thoughtful gesture.  Choose from a variety of products ranging from wallets, messenger bags, hand bags, clutches, totes, laptop and tablet cases, key rings to luggage tags.

Experience Gift Vouchers

If you’re looking for a truly memorable gift, we suggest treating the birthday celebrant to one of our special experience days.  For thrill seekers, we offer once in a lifetime experiences like skydiving, cage diving with sharks, stunt plane rides, camping and outback adventures, track days, sports car rentals, helicopter tours, jet pack rides, paragliding and parasailing.  If you want to treat someone to a more relaxing adventure on their birthday, we offer brewery and winery tours, gourmet food tours, hot springs and spa days, aromatherapy sessions, elevation floatation experiences, photography lessons and cooking classes.