What are the best birthday gifts for an upcoming milestone birthday?

Author: Nicole Adler  Date Posted:31 May 2016 

A milestone birthday deserves an extra special birthday present. Milestone birthdays signify a special turning point or achievement in a person’s life, and it only happens once. It can be about the transition from adolescence to adulthood, or a celebration of a life that has been vibrant and well-lived so far. The rarity of a milestone birthday means that you should give a rare birthday present as well. Here in this list are the best birthday gifts to give for an upcoming milestone birthday, whether they be for the 18th, 40th, or 60th birthday celebration. 

A Birthday Present for Any Milestone

The It’s My Birthday Copper Mug is a birthday present which would be extra special for any upcoming milestone birthday. The stylish design of the mug is appreciated by all ages, making it one of the best birthday gifts out there. When you gift the It’s My Birthday Copper Mug, you put the spotlight on the birthday celebrant. They are sure to enjoy their whole day with a mug that tells everyone else that it’s their special day. 

18th Birthday Present 

The 18th birthday is one of the most special milestone birthdays in any person’s life, especially for women. It’s the transition from adolescence to adulthood, and one of the first steps to taking more responsibilities. They gain more rights and licenses in life, which is why this birthday should be celebrated well. 

One of the best birthday gifts to give is the special 18th Champagne Flute. Especially designed to mark the occasion, it’s the ideal glass for birthday bubbles entering adulthood. The gorgeous gift box of the 18th Champagne Flute should be paired with an equally lovely drink. The Special Edition Prosecco Rose by Brown Brothers comes in a beautifully designed bottle. The flavour of the wine is light and delicate, making it suitable for young adults.

Lastly, a lovely gift to signify the increase in life responsibilities is the Heart Paperweight by Waterford Crystal. It’s a wonderful addition to any home or office.  

18th birthday gifts

21st Birthday Present

Turning 21 is a celebration of youth and freedom. By age 21, people would be entering the world of work, business and adulthood. But at the same time, 21-year olds have all the fun. This mix of responsibility and relaxation should be celebrated as a person turns 21 years old. 

The 21 Years Beer Stein is a favourite keepsake gift for those shopping for a 21st birthday present. This glassware is a great addition to any young person’s cabinet, to be taken out for parties and social events. The Drinkopoly Drinking Game is also one of the best birthday gifts to give for the 21st birthday. The game is novel in its ideas, adventurous and extremely fun. Any 21-year old is sure to appreciate the fun gift. 

The Yarra Valley Cider & Ale Trail for 2 is another gift that is popular for 21-year olds. Give them the gift of experiencing a tour of relaxation and delights, where they can have a taste of locally crafted brews. It’s something they’re unlikely to forget. 

21st birthday gifts

40th Birthday Present

The 40th birthday marks an achievement of life and responsibilities. It’s also a new beginning of freedom and fun, which is why it’s called “Naughty Forties”. 

Keep the celebration going by giving your friend, family member or colleague a 40 Years Beer Stein. This gift is a favourite keepsake and a popular birthday present choice. Or if you want something a little bigger, the Premium United Nations Beer Hamper is also a popular gift to give to 40th birthday celebrants. The hamper contains Europe’s most delicious beers, from Italy, Germany, Belgium and more. It also comes with delightful salty snacks. The birthday celebrant will be motivated to host more parties and have more fun with this varied beer hamper. 

Lastly, the Waterford Gin Decanter is a stylish way for any man or woman to serve guests. This gift would definitely complement any bar collection. 

40th birthday gifts

50th Birthday Present

The golden years should be celebrated with something special. The 50th birthday marks half a century of love, life and achievements. The gift you choose to give should show them how much you appreciate them in your lives, and how much they have inspired or touched you in different ways. 

A classic gift for the 50th birthday is the Wedgwood Renaissance Gold Candle. This top birthday present carries an intoxicating and spirited fragrance. The glass itself is accented with gold, to commemorate the occasion, with a modern and contemporary design.

The Red Wine & BBQ Hamper is another great birthday present to give. It comes with quality Barossa Shiraz, and an assortment of spice rubs, beef jerky, and gourmet crackers. For the 50-year-old who loves to take it easy and relax, this hamper would be a great help in chill afternoons out. 

Another gift that’s popular for the 50th birthday is the Bull Skull Natural Wood Sculpture. It’s an interesting and eye-catching statement piece that would decorate any wall with flair. It’s a fitting gift for any outdoor enthusiast. 

50th birthday gifts

60th Birthday Present

The 60th birthday is a milestone event, celebrating the continuation of a life well-lived. Your gift should be all about their relaxation, reward and happiness. 

The Waterford Crystal Draper Pair is a gift from the past. With a 60s art deco style, the bold crystal glasses are a great birthday present. They come with gold branding and traditional carving as well. 

The Entertainment Gourmet Hamper is a gift that would complete a party. With nuts, sundried tomatoes, herb crackers and more, the Entertainment Gourmet Hamper is the perfect companion for any man or woman who loves to relax. 

Lastly, the sweet 60s should be marked with a sweet keepsake. The 60th Champagne Flute is specially designed to mark this occasion, and is a lovely glass to drink more champagne for the years to come. 

Finding the right birthday present isn’t easy. But with all of these top choices and recommendations from the online shop Everything But Flowers, you’ll be able to find the right birthday present in no time.