Peter Rabbit Baby Hamper

A Character Of Childhood Joy Since 1901

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Newborn babies bring joy to the world; and this beautifully presented gift hamper will add to that joy, filled with beautiful Peter Rabbit gifts for baby and a delightful Marquise jumpsuit to keep baby feeling cosy and looking great.

Peter Rabbit has been filling children’s lives with joy since 1901 and we’re proud to continue that childhood tradition by including a range of fun Peter Rabbit items like the adorable plush that will become baby’s favourite friend.

Not only will parents love how adorable the baby gifts inside this hamper are; they’ll also appreciate the practicality and the joy of bonding over the sweet baby book we’ve included too, and the lovely first feeding set to help make mealtime fun. As one of Australia’s largest online gift stores, we’re experts at sourcing the most beautiful baby gifts to help you say congratulations in the most wonderful way possible.


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Gifts & Accessories
Peter Rabbit Bunny Bib

Peter Rabbit Bunny Bib

Surround your little one in snug softness with the Peter Rabbit bib, made from 100% cotton. A durable essential for baby meal time.

Peter Rabbit First Feeding Set

Peter Rabbit First Feeding Set

This dish set is a wonderful set for babies first meal time bowl and spoon set. From A Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit series.

Peter Rabbit Large Plush Toy

Peter Rabbit Large Plush Toy

A collectable Peter Rabbit toy, which has been a favourite toy for many generations.

Marquise Grey & Yellow Arrow Studsuit

Marquise Grey & Yellow Arrow Studsuit

Classic, soft Marquise cotton is perfect for newborn babies delicate skin and this design is perfect for little boy or girl.

Peter Rabbit 'Sweet Dream Peter' Board Book

Peter Rabbit 'Sweet Dream Peter' Board Book

From a little ladybug resting under a leaf to Peter snoozing under his blanket - children can say good night to them all.

The Cutest Baby Hampers with a Theme from Everything but Flowers!

A hamper with a clear theme usually stands out from other gifts, so customers looking for something memorable to gift at a birth, baby shower, or a christening should certainly consider one of the themed baby hampers available at Everything but Flowers. Check out our top themed hampers today and find the best options for your recipient.

What Is the First Themed Baby Hamper I Should Look At?

One of the first baby hampers we always recommend to our customers is the Peter Rabbit Baby Hamper. As the name strongly suggests, the Peter Rabbit Baby Hamper is centred around Peter Rabbit, the loveable children’s book character that has been delighting babies and toddlers with his adventures for years.

The Peter Rabbit Baby Hamper is packed with Peter Rabbit gifts; this includes the Peter Rabbit Bunny Bib, Peter Rabbit First Feeding Set, and a large Peter Rabbit Plush Toy. We also included a comfortable Marquise Grey & Yellow Arrow Studsuit, which is bound to keep the baby comfortable when it is time for another Peter Rabbit story.

Of course, our Peter Rabbit Baby Hamper would not be complete without a classic Peter Rabbit story, so we included ‘Sweet Dreams Peter’, a classic bedtime story featuring Peter. If you want more Peter Rabbit books, be sure to look outside of our collection of baby hampers as well, since our range is filled with more Peter Rabbit books and book collections for the little one!

What Is the Second Themed Baby Hamper I Should Look At?

Our second themed baby hamper that is quite popular among our customers is the ThankYou Complete Baby Bundle. While the theme of this baby hamper is quite different than the previously mentioned Peter Rabbit hamper, the ThankYou Complete Baby Bundle should still be a serious consideration.

The ThankYou Complete Baby Bundle is centred around a baby product brand called ThankYou. Not only does this brand use natural ingredients for all its baby products, it also donates some of its profits to various charitable organisations. So, choosing this hamper does not only guarantee a beautiful themed hamper that stands out from the rest, it also contributes to various charities in Australia.

Inside the ThankYou Complete Baby Bundle, customers will find all the essential ThankYou products for baby’s bath time and care; this includes the ThankYou Baby Shampoo, Baby Bath Milk, Baby Wash, Baby Lotion, ‘Mums and bubs’ Massage Oil, Nappy Balm, and Ointment. Since parents usually need these supplies during the early months of the baby’s life, we can guarantee this is a collection of products that will be used frequently.

What Is the Third Themed Baby Hamper I Should Look At?

At Everything but Flowers, we have baby hampers with the most extensive themes. We even have baby hampers with an organic theme, more specifically our Bath Time Natural Baby Hamper!

The Bath Time Natural Baby Hamper solely contains organic products, which is important for parents who prefer organic products for their baby’s sensitive skin. Inside this hamper, you will find brands such as Nature’s Child, EcoStore, and Bubba Blue, which all bring certain benefits to the table.

Of course, the products we selected for the Bath Time Natural Baby Hamper were selected with the parents and the baby in mind. We have selected some of the essentials the parents will need during the first few weeks; this includes a hooded towel, face washers, baby shampoo, and a whole lot more.

To get a full overview of all the organic baby products and their benefits, please head over to the product description page of the Bath Time Natural Baby Hamper. Read through the product descriptions and the additional information at the bottom of the page to learn more.

Please note that Everything but Flowers offers many organic and natural baby hampers, so if you are looking for organic products and gifts, the Bath Time Natural Baby Hamper is certainly not your only choice. Check out some of our additional options such as the ThankYou Co. Grey Baby Bath Hamper, the Aromatherapy Co. Baby Bathtime Hamper, and the Gumnut Babies Hamper to discover countless other options for births, christenings, and baby showers.

Where Can I Find More Themed Gift Baskets for a Little Bub?

Our catalogue is packed with themed baby hampers, since they always leave a lasting impression on the parents. Even though we have mentioned three of the themes you can find in our catalogue, there are dozens more to discover. To learn more about the various themes available in our collection, simply head over to the baby hamper section on our website.

Do you have a question about one of the baby hampers at Everything but Flowers? Get in touch with the Everything but Flowers team for more detailed info.