Cycle Knitted Baby Blanket

A snuggly soft and durable bamboo and cotton blanket for

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This Weegoamigo Knitted Baby Blanket comes in a fun cycle print with vibrant stripes in blues and red. With premium quality fabric and presented in a gorgeous gift box, you won’t find a better blanket gift for a baby shower or to welcome a newborn baby.

Measuring 95 x 80 cm, the Weegoamigo Cycle Knitted Baby Blanket is perfect for in the car, baby’s pram, cot, or just to snuggle with. The combination of 70% cotton and 30% bamboo rayon creates a deliciously soft blanket that’s machine washable and easy to look after. The double layer knit means baby’s blanket is wonderfully cosy while still being lightweight and breathable. With a thermal rating (TOG) of 0.8 the Weegoamigo Cycle baby blanket is perfect to use year round in Australia.

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Discover the Best Baby Presents for Your Son’s First Birthday!

Is your son celebrating his first birthday? Then we are sure you have a million ideas of what to get him, but no certainty of what you will be buying. Fortunately, you can count on Everything but Flowers to provide you with some recommendations from our most popular birthday presents selection. Curious what we could offer? Find out in our overview of recommended birthday presents below!

What Bike-Themed Birthday Presents Are Available in the Baby Presents Collection?

There are several, but the most delightful bike-themed present in our birthday presents collection is the Weegoamigo Cycle Knitted Baby Blanket. The Weegoamigo Cycle Knitted Baby Blanket from our birthday presents collection will keep your little guy happy and comfortable, but the blanket could also be an excellent companion during long car trips.

The Weegoamigo Cycle Knitted Baby Blanket from our baby presents collection is made from a combination of soft cotton and durable bamboo. It is adorned with a beautiful bicycle theme, which includes lots of blues and reds. Therefore, this blanket from the baby presents collection is undoubtedly going to look lovely in the nursery or bedroom of a little boy.

Are There Any Suitable Books for Baby Boys?

Our baby presents collection also includes many books. Some of these books could be an excellent gift for your little boy’s first birthday. Even though there are many possible options, we can certainly recommend the Peter Rabbit Book & Snuggle Blanket Set.

The Peter Rabbit Book & Snuggle Blanket Set contains a classic Peter Rabbit book written by Beatrix Potter – The Tale of Peter Rabbit. This is an excellent book to read before bedtime, because many little boys have been known to go to sleep with Peter Rabbit stories.

In addition to the Peter Rabbit book inside this gift set, it also contains a snuggly baby blanket. The blanket will provide comfort, but also some companionship during car trips. Could your little one need anything else for his birthday?

Of course, there are other amazing options available at Everything but Flowers. One of these additional book options is a set of World of Peter Rabbit: The Complete Collection of Tales 1-23. Inside this set, you will find 23 of the most delightful Peter Rabbit stories written by Beatrix Potter. So, if your child is known to enjoy the stories of Peter Rabbit before bedtime, the set of Peter Rabbit books might be an unforgettable gift for him.

Are There Any Personalised Gifts for Baby Boys?

Even though your little boy might not remember it later in life, a first birthday is a huge milestone. Since a first birthday is a milestone, a lot of people prefer to obtain a personalised present. There are several options in our collection, but one that stands out for us is a pair of Navy Baby Boy Embroided Shoes.

The Navy Baby Boy Embroided Shoes are a perfect personalised gift. These adorable little shoes can be personalised with the first letter of your young recipient’s name, so once the baby has grown out of it, the parents can keep it as a memento of their child’s first year.

What Functional Gifts Are Available for My Child’s First Birthday?

If you are looking for something functional that could make your life a little easier as well, we recommend the Lollacup Blue. The Lollacup Blue is the ideal drinking cup for toddlers who are just switching from baby bottles to cups, because it is specifically designed for this purpose.

The Lollacup Blue contains easy grip handles, which minimises any of the problems toddlers can experience because of limited development of motor skills. The unique design of the cup enables the toddler to tip the cup upward, but the straw remains in the liquid; this makes sure that the toddler can keep drinking despite the position the cup is held in.

Our Lollacup in Blue can be maintained easily too, because it comes with a straw cleaning brush. The material the cup is made of is also easy to clean. So, if hygiene is a primary concern for you, then you have nothing to worry about when you give your toddler the Lollacup as a gift.

Can Everything but Flowers Provide Me with Other Suggestions?

Do you want some additional suggestions for your toddler’s first birthday? Or do you want more information about any of the recommended gifts above? If so, feel free to contact the Everything but Flowers team, who will be more than happy to provide you with advice.

Customers can contact our expert team via telephone or email. There is also a chat option on the bottom of our website, where you can speak to a member of our team during office hours. Outside office hours, you can also use this option to send a message to our mailbox.