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From a Pikelet Maker to a wallet Everything But Flowers has a large range of presents under $50. So if you don't want to break the bank then have a look at our large range of present available and find the perfect gift for that special occasion. 

Looking for Corporate Gifts? Select Something From Our Under 50 Range!

Corporate gifts are the perfect way to advertise your business. Corporate gifts are a nice gesture towards your business relations and ensures that they will remember you for a long time. Corporate gifts also do not have to cost a lot, because you can select a nice corporate gift at Everything but Flowers for under $50. Need some inspiration? Be sure to read on!

What Corporate Gifts Can You Recommend?

Our collection of corporate gifts has great options for both men and women. For example, women who are interested in fashion will absolutely adore the dedicated Vogue releases we have available. Everything but Flowers offers a Vogue about designers Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren and Vivienne Westwood. 

Is one of your business relations crazy about painting or is your business relation someone who likes to be creative? Why not gift one of our adult colouring books as a corporate gift? Not only is a colouring book incredibly original, it is quite fun as well. 

Looking for something a little more professional? Then we can recommend going for one of our designer clocks. Also, when your clock is on the wall at your business relations’ office, they will certainly remember you down the line. 

Male business people can also be surprised with one of the wallets in our under 50 range. Customers can go for the Wall Street Wallet or the Soho Chevron, depending on the preference of the recipient. If you are buying for a few people, you can also gift a number of wallets. 
Are you looking for something extremely fun and social? Then we also have the Beer Connoisseur Glass Set for you. Most business men and women like a good glass of beer or an alcoholic beverage from time to time, so you cannot go wrong by gifting some beautiful beer glasses.

Do You Have Other Corporate Gifts Available?

If you would like to spend more than $50, you will find more suitable gifts in our other corporate gifts category. The range of items in this category is extremely diverse, for example you can go for an excellent beer hamper, a useful barbecue tool set or a decorative black & gold globe.

Instead of buying a physical gift, customers can also gift one of our experiences as a corporate gift. Customers can go for a great chocolate walking tour through Melbourne or a Cider & Ale Trail. If you really have no idea what experience or gift to go for, you can always give one of our vouchers as well. Our vouchers range from $50 to $500, so there is a suitable amount for everyone.

Can I Call Up For Some Corporate Gift Advice?

Do you want some advice on corporate gifts? Or could you use additional information about the corporate gifts available on Everything but Flowers? Feel free to contact us by calling 1300-459-452 or by sending an email to Customers can also get advice by filling in the email enquiry form on the contact us page.

From mobile science labs for kids to inspirational books and drinking games for adults, you can find it all in the under 50 range of Everything but Flowers. In the under 50 range, customers can find all gifts on Everything but Flowers that cost less than $50. Therefore, this is the advised page for valued customers who want to buy a great present for a special occasion, but have a small budget.

Having a smaller budget does not mean you can’t come up with the best present for your recipient, because Everything but Flowers only chooses the best gifts for its range; this includes our presents that are available for less than $50. The presents in the under 50 range are suitable for various recipients; this includes babies, toddlers, children, teenagers and adults. So, the next time you need to gift shop with a limited budget, but still want to give your recipient a great surprise, simply take advantage of the under 50 range of Everything but Flowers and experience how affordable gift giving can be!