Here You Are Baby - Baby Hamper

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A hamper designed especially for a new mum.

  • Here You Are,  Baby wishes for your little one book
  • Living Textiles Sheep Teething Rattle
  • Living Textiles Bassinet Knitted Blanket
  • Gift Box



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Baby Girl Collection Hamper

One way to congratulate your friends for being new parents is to treat them with nice things as well as give some presents for babies. Definitely, a high-class champagne and a bunch of delectable sweets and nibbles will help them celebrate the new chapter of their lives. You can also add some treats for the mum, who might feel the need of pampering herself and, of course, a fluffy toy for their baby. If you are looking for these treats and gifts in one package, then Everything But Flowers’ Baby Girl Collection Hamper is the best gift idea you should get.

What’s in the Basket?

If you will look at the inclusions of the Baby Girl Collection Hamper, you might think that you also need to buy one for yourself too. This hamper contains all the things that will make a person happy, regardless if that person is a man, a woman, or even a baby. Offered with a very presentable design, the box of this hamper is too attractive that everyone will be tempted to take a look at what’s inside.

The Baby Girl Collection Hamper includes a 750ml Bollinger Champagne, which is certainly a drink that mums and dads will love. They can consume it together with the other treats included in the hamper like premium chocolates with assorted flavours made by Dolfin, handcrafted chocolates and fudges made by Butlers Chocolates, and brown sugar candied peanuts made by Morgan & Alberts. There are also fragrant hand soap and cream from MOR Cosmetics, a sweet rose tulsi tea made by Organic India, and most of all, the lovely Princess Teddy that will make these presents for babies and new parents complete.

Baby Girl Collection Hamper: One of the Best Presents for Babies

One of the best and most useful presents for babies is a security object. A security object is considered by many mums as an effective tool in making their babies relaxed and secured during uncomfortable circumstances. Examples of security objects are soft toys, soft blankets, and soft pillows. Babies hold their security object dearly because its smell and texture calm them down when they feel scratchy.

Soft toys make good presents for babies because these often serve as their security objects. When they are introduced to a new environment or new people, they often feel unsafe. They may cry, feel uncomfortable, and get irritated with unfamiliar places or faces. In these circumstances, security objects are very useful in calming them down. This makes the Baby Girl Collection Hamper one of the best presents for babies. Moreover, the Princess Teddy included in the hamper can be a security object for a baby girl, which will make life easier for both the parents and the little one. Also, the gifts included in the hamper will make both parents happier.

Get the Baby Girl Collection Hamper from Everything But Flowers

Everything But Flowers offers many gift hampers with different inclusions. You can choose from our available hampers depending on the occasion or the recipient of your gift. As for the Baby Girl Collection Hamper, you can directly purchase it on our website. Browse on our online catalogue and get the best presents for babies, men, and women.