Anna Gare Red Retro Mixing Bowls

Add a Splash of Retro Colour

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This red retro mixing bowl set comes with 4 different sized bowls (750ml/1.25L/2L/3L), 2 different retro flower patterns and flashes of red, pink and yellow. These retro kitchen mixing bowls make a wonderful gift for the budding home cook. Check out our full range of kitchenwares and complete the gift for thebudding home chef.

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Designer Presents for Her at Everything but Flowers!

From designer bowls to jewellery and handbags, many women love to own items created by some of the biggest designer brands. Fortunately, customers can find many designer presents for her at Everything but Flowers. If you still require some Christmas presents or birthday presents for her, be sure to check our recommendations below.

The Anna Gare Red Retro Mixing Bowls

The first designer item belongs to our Christmas presents for her range, more specifically the Anna Gare Red Retro Mixing Bowls. Anna Gare is an Australian musician and television personality, but also a judge at Junior MasterChef Australia, which immediately explains her range of kitchen bowls.

Our Anna Gare Red Retro Mixing Bowls from the Christmas presents for her range will certainly add a splash of colour to your recipient’s kitchen. This set of bowls from our Christmas presents for her range contains four bowls in different sizes, more specifically 750 ml, 1.25l, 2l and 3l. So, if you gift these designer bowls from our Christmas presents for her range, they could be used to cook Christmas dinner.

In addition to the Anna Gare Red Retro Mixing Bowls from our Christmas presents for her range, you can find more designer bowls from Anna Gare at Everything but Flowers. We also have some other kitchen items from this designer in our range, so be sure to check these items before you decide on a Christmas present!

The Waterford Crystal Honey Bud Vase

The second designer item can be found in our range of birthday presents – the Waterford Crystal Honey Bud Vase. The Waterford Crystal Honey Bud Vase from our birthday presents range is perfect for female recipients who like to have designer decorations in their home, because when it comes to crystal, Waterford offers the best.

Our Waterford Crystal Honey Bud Vase features a beautiful teardrop design and measures 14 x 8.1 x 8.1 centimetres. It is perfect to hold your recipient’s floral arrangements, so it will certainly look great in any living room, lounge, reading room or office.

The Waterford Crystal Honey Bud Vase from our birthday presents range is the ideal birthday present for a female recipient, but it could be gifted for other occasions as well. In addition to birthdays, we can also recommend choosing this gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and Mother’s Day.

Kate Spade Polka Dot Calendar and Folio

Some of the designer items in our birthday presents range are extremely functional, especially when you look at the Kate Spade Polka Dot Calendar and Folio. This item features a beautiful week organiser, accompanied by some functional notes for maximum efficiency.

The general design of the Kate Spade Calendar and Folio is far from boring, which means it is perfect for women who like to make fashion statements and stand out from everybody else. The calendar and folio feature a golden polka dot pattern, so in addition to casual use, women could take this organiser to work as well.

The Nicole Fendel Bronte Cuff

There is plenty of designer jewellery at Everything but Flowers, which includes this Bronte Cuff from Australian jewellery designer Nicole Fendel. Nicole Fendel has been one of Australia’s leading jewellery designers for years. She is known for her statement earrings and sentimental engravings, but only uses hammered metals and semi-precious stones to keep her jewellery pieces affordable for everyone.

Affordable jewellery does not mean that Nicole Fendel jewellery is not appreciated by A-list celebrities though, because celebrities such as Jennifer Hawkins, Isabelle Lucas and Ashley Hart are known to wear Nicole Fendel jewellery.

Customers who would like to gift the special woman in their life a true statement piece from the Nicole Fendel range should certainly consider the Nicole Fendel Bronte Cuff. The Bronte Cuff features the typical hammered pattern Nicole Fendel is known for, so it is bound to be appreciated by women who love true statement pieces.

The Louenhide Peppermint Mickey Bag

The gifts range at Everything but Flowers also includes some designer bags, which includes the Louenhide Peppermint Mickey Bag. Louenhide is a brand that stands for quality and sophistication, and the Peppermint Mickey Bag from our range certainly seems to support those characteristics.

In addition to the Louenhide Peppermint Mickey Bag, customers can find many other Louenhide handbags and cosmetics bags. So, if a special woman in your life prefers designer handbags above all else, you can gift them the ultimate gift by providing them with a superior quality handbag from Louenhide.

The Nicole Fendel Alexa Long Necklace

The last recommendation from our range of presents for her is the Nicole Fendel Alexa Long Necklace, a handcrafted necklace that is suitable for casual and formal occasions. Since this statement piece can be used for most events, it is a piece that cannot be missing from the jewellery collection of the special woman in your life.

Our Nicole Fendel Alexa Long Necklace is made from genuine sterling silver and features several petal-like charms. The combination of the long necklace and charms create a balanced piece of jewellery, but also a versatile piece.

The Nicole Fendel Alexa Long Necklace can be combined with a nice evening gown, but also with a casual pair of jeans. Therefore, if the special woman in your life receives this statement piece as a gift, she is undoubtedly going to find countless fashion combinations for this gorgeous necklace. In our jewellery range, you will also find some matching earrings. So be sure to gift your special woman a set if you want to be loved for life!

Other Designer Items at Everything but Flowers

The designer items mentioned above are our most popular designer items, but there are many others that a special woman in your life could appreciate. To check out all the gifts we could offer, head over to our “Women” range and select a category from the submenu to filter your results.

When you shop at Everything but Flowers, you could benefit from the experience of our team. Simply contact the Everything but Flowers team by leaving us a message on the website, or give us a call for some personal gift advice!