Linen Apron with Frill Detail

100% Linen By Nana Huchy

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This fully washable frilly linen apron is an essential garment for the busy home chef toiling away in the heat of the kitchen. It has an adjustable necktie and waist strap to accommodate both tall and short as well as thin and not-so-thin chefs. Handy pocket pouch included.

This French-inspired classic offers protection from the thrills and spills of the kitchen and makes the perfect gift for the lady cooking up a storm. With more than a 1,000 items, you are sure to find something online at Everything but Flowers. Free delivery Australia wide for order values of $99 or more.

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Is it ever safe to buy a woman an apron?

The short answer is yes. However you have to be very careful! It all depends on the woman. There are gifts for women that are mundane, like secateurs for the garden, or a colander, which might seem like the worst gifts for women ever. However if she wishes everything she uses to be of the finest quality, then yes, buying her a really gorgeous apron might be surprisingly welcome.

The 100% Linen Apron With Frill Detail by Nana Huchy is exceptionally stylish. It's deceptively simple as a gift for women you might think she'll want something dressy, with more bells and whistles, but this apron fits the bill perfectly as a gift for women of style. Linen is always desirable, and this apron ups her status in the kitchen. A very wise choice as a gift for women who are star chefs in their own homes, and have a taste for chic clothing.

Any other usually non-safe gifts for women that are ok?

It always depends on the individual and her hobbies. Someone who absolutely loves baking and cooking always appreciate kitchen items that contribute to their kitchen, either in looks or quality. Check out our Anna Gare collection of retro-styled homewares. They're colourful, cheerful, practical and durable. They'll brighten up the kitchen and kids will love them. So these kinds of gifts for women can contribute in other ways, if they get the kids to join in baking and helping mum.

We have some Anna Gare aprons which are totally different to the Nana Huchy linen apron. They're 1950s style bright and pretty aprons that she'll adore if she's into gifts for women that are retro.

If you're too nervous to take the kitchenware gifts for women plunge

To buy an apron for a woman you'd really have to know she'd love it, so of course if you're not sure if she's crazy about cooking then steer clear and go for something luxurious. Take a look around our women's section, it's divided into gifts for women sections such as beauty and books. Sometimes playing it safe is the best option!

If you know she's a foodie, but don't want to buy something for the kitchen, then we have some Experiences she might love. We have a pasta-making class day out, or an Art of Wood Fired Pizza Experience. If she loves food and days out meeting new people, these are perfect gifts for women.