Duck Measuring Cups 

Set of 4 measuring cups

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We love everyday useful objects that are friendly & playful. Like this adorable family of ducks that are measuring cups. When it comes to gifts for women, we like to make sure they are fun - no boring gifts on our watch. This is the perfect gift for women who love to cook; or even a wonderful and fun gift for kids who enjoy time in the kitchen; no matter who loves baking and preparing meals; this cute set of measuring cups will bring a smile to their face. Included is a set of four gift boxed duck measuring cups in the following sizes: 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup.

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Discover the Perfect Presents for Women Who Like to Entertain at Everything but Flowers!

Many women like to entertain from time to time. Fortunately, these types of women are incredibly easy to buy for, because Everything but Flowers has a tremendous range of presents for her made with the female entertainer in mind. To discover great presents for a female entertainer, be sure to read our entire overview below.

The Duck Measuring Cups

Serving food during a dinner party does not have to be boring with the Duck Measuring Cups from our Christmas presents for her range. The Duck Measuring Cups from our Christmas presents for her range have a beautiful duck design, and are perfect to serve some snacks, fruits, desserts, and more.

The Duck Measuring Cups from our Christmas presents for her range are available in three sizes, more specifically 1 cup, ½ cup, 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup. All cups are packed in a beautiful gift box as well, but you can make this gift from our Christmas presents for her range even more special by taking advantage of our premium gift wrap.

The Belvedere Vodka Illuminated Bottle

When you want to add a bit more atmosphere to your Christmas party, you could use the Belvedere Vodka Illuminated Bottle from our Christmas presents for her range. This bottle contains one of the best vodkas in the world, which is made from small batches of spring water and Dankowskie Gold Rye. Of course, what makes this vodka special is the unique distillation process used by the distillery.

Once the bottle of vodka is empty, you can use the empty bottle to add a little more atmosphere to your party by lighting it up. Simply press the button and set the right tone for an evening of partying!

Australia’s Finest Sparkling in Custom Cooler Bag

There is more alcohol in our range that could delight the female entertainer. One of these bottles of alcohol is Australia’s Finest Sparkling in Custom Cooler Bag, one of the finest sparkling wines in Australia.

Australia’s Finest Sparkling from our range of birthday presents includes 750 millilitres of Australia’s finest sparkling wine, created by the Brown Brothers winery. The wine is made from quality grapes from cool climate vineyards, including pinot noir and chardonnay grapes. In short, it is a wine that could delight the occasional wine drinker as well as wine collectors.

Of course, Australia’s Finest Sparkling Wine from our birthday presents range also comes with a custom cooler bag, which enables entertainers to serve this wine at its ideal temperature. Of course, you could also use the cooler bag to keep the wine at the right temperature for a picnic. Therefore, this sparkling wine gift from our birthday presents range is perfect for romantic occasions as well as regular parties.

The Mason Jar Cocktail Companion Recipe Book

Entertainers could benefit from some recipe books in our birthday presents range, because they feature some of the finest cocktails and party drinks! One of the recipe books from our birthday presents range that we can recommend is the Mason Jar Cocktail Companion Book, which features more than 125 creative drink recipes.

In addition to the Mason Jar Cocktail Companion Recipe Book, there are many other books that feature recipes for cocktails and party drinks. So, if you want to gift your recipient more than one book filled with information, be sure to check the other recipe books available at Everything but Flowers.

The Foodies Hamper

Entertainers may appreciate some fine foods as well, which is why we can recommend the Foodies Hamper from our birthday presents range. Inside this hamper, entertainers can find delicious snacks from top brands such as Cat Cora’s, the Brewer’s Nut Company, Gourmet Regional, Tasmanian Fruit Pastes and much more. In short, everything an entertainer needs to give her guests a delicious culinary experience.

In addition to the Foodies Hamper, we have more gourmet hampers available that will be loved by your recipient. So, before you decide on a specific gourmet hamper, check out the other gourmet hampers at Everything but Flowers.

Celebration Cakes Cookbook

If your recipient likes to wow her guests with the most intricate cakes, you could surely delight your recipient with a cake cookbook. At Everything but Flowers, you will find a very special cake cookbook though, because the Celebration Cakes Cookbook teaches you everything about cooking cakes for special occasions and celebrations.

The Celebration Cakes Cookbook features recipes for birthdays, graduations, holidays and all types of special events. Each of the cakes can be decorated to signify that special occasion as well, so this book also comes with more than thirty decorating designs.

Recipes inside the Celebration Cakes Cookbook are suitable for any type of baker. It can be used to make traditional and contemporary cakes, but also for modern masterpieces that will be loved by anyone who has the privilege to try them

Of course, the Celebration Cakes Cookbook is not only suitable as a gift, because many customers at Everything but Flowers acquire one of these cookbooks for themselves. With the delightful recipes inside this cookbook, the customer can make the most delightful cake for their recipient, which is a great gift on its own!

In addition to the Celebration Cakes Cookbook, customers can find other recipe books for special occasions, or original cookbooks that could complement their own collection. So, if you would like to benefit from more than this cookbook, be sure to check out the rest of our range.

More Gifts for Women Who Like to Entertain

Haven’t found the perfect gift for a woman who likes to entertain? No need to worry, because there are many other gifts at Everything but Flowers that could be perfect for your recipient. Of course, we have more to offer than just physical gifts, because the range of Everything but Flowers also contains many experiences!

Need some help deciding on a gift? Contact our team for some personal gift advice! Leave us a message on the website, or give us a call. We will be more than happy to give you some present recommendations!