'Vogue on Coco Chanel' Coffee Table Book

Hardback. Written by Bronwyn Cosgrave

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Hailed as 'the most influential female designer of the twentieth century, Coco Chanel pioneered classic, easy-to-wear fashion for the modern woman. She arrived on the fashion scene when feathers, lace and ostentatious beads were favourites, and proceeded to re-invent couture using new materials, like jersey, for outfits that were suitable for everyday wear, yet still elegant.

In 1921, Coco opened her Chanel boutique in Paris - still a destination store today - and launched her first perfume, Chanel No.5. Perhaps her most important contribution to the fashion world was the simple, much-imitated 'little black dress' which made its debut in 1926. Other landmark creations include the Chanel suit and the quilted handbag.

A testament to her lasting influence, these legendary designs remain as popular today as when they first appeared. With original illustrations and images from celebrated photographers, such as Cecil Beaton and Bronwyn Cosgrave, traces the story of Coco Chanel's iconic designs and glamorous, racy life. Hardback. Written by Bronwyn Cosgrave. Published September 2012.

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