'Kate Spade, Things We Love' Coffee Table Book

Hardback. Written by Kate Spade

Sold Out


In commemoration of Kate Spade New York's 20th anniversary, Things We Love celebrates the beautiful and interesting in this visually stunning coffee table book, perfect for lovers of design, photography, and art.

This hardback is sure to remain in the living room for years to come, entertaining and delighting anyone who picks it up. It offers 240 pages of whimsy and inspiration, as well as practical advice and playful tips. Readers will come across a delightful array of items and photos, including a crayon ring, a cocktail doodle, and a dreamy photograph. In fact, it's the perfect book to enjoy with a bottle of wine and a good friend.

Give Things We Love as a gift for any occasion or perhaps for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, or a birthday. Just pair with wine and a food-filled hamper to really make the experience special! The book measures 25.4 x 2.54 x 30 cm and weighs around 1.7 kg. It was written by Kate Spade and published in February 2013.

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