Pancakes, Crepes, Waffles & French Toast Recipe Book

Hardback. By Hannah Miles

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So, you like to start your lazy weekend with a stack of pancakes, dripping with maple syrup and topped with crisp, smoky bacon? But what about flavouring those pancakes with fig and ricotta and topping them with an orange syrup? While Crepes Suzette makes a sophisticated French dessert, would you have thought to fill your crepes with the quintessential English combination of rhubarb and custard, instead?

It's a fact that whichever way you choose to serve them, simple griddled treats are the ultimate comfort food. However they are so much more than a leisurely brunch or quick dessert option; pancakes, crepes, waffles and French toast can be endlessly reinvented for any occasion, and Hannah Miles has some wonderful ideas to get you started, from thick American-style Pancakes, such as Blueberry Buttermilk to classic French-style Crepes. Hardback. Written by Hannah Miles. Published April 2014.

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