Wisdom for Henkeepers Book with 500 Tips

Hardback. By written Chris Graham

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These beautifully presented collections include 500 tips written by successful hen keepers. Tips are divided into ten chapters covering all aspects of hen keeping, making these guides an enjoyable source of information for beginners or the more experienced.

Keeping chickens is taking Australia by storm; and for good reason. Eggs are not only the perfect meal; but Chickens are also gorgeous animals with lots of personality.

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Some women love the home, keeping pets, feeding their family, tending to the garden, making sure everything and everyone is happy and healthy. It's just their nature they love to nurture. Do you need gifts for women like that? If you know what they're into, then that helps. If they're into a hobby that's extremely specific, it might be best to ask them, or their partner, what they need because chances are they'll need very particular things.

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Gifts for women with very specific tastes

Our Wisdom for Henkeepers Book with 500 Tips for keeping chickens will be a fantastic gift for women who keep hens! Ten successful henkeepers pass on their knowledge for both beginners and seasoned henkeepers.

If you know beekeepers than a brilliant gift for women is the Wisdom for Beekeepers Book with 500 Tips. This book is filled with knowledge by expert beekeepers, guiding those who are just beginning and helping those who are more advanced.

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