'Weddings & Movie Stars' Coffee Table Book

A tribute to iconic Hollywood stars and their big days!

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Weddings and Movie Stars captures the glamour of Tinseltown and its juicy gossip by featuring some of Hollywood’s most famous weddings from the 1920s and on. Through numerous photos and prose, you can get an inside look into famous and infamous Hollywood couples like Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra or Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

For movie enthusiasts, fashion lovers, and anyone with a taste for salacious gossip, Weddings and Movie Stars will delight and entertain with 288 pages of low key ceremonies, lavish parties, and scandalous affairs.

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Out Top 5 Engagement Present Ideas

Buying engagement presents for people close to you is a chance for you to show them just how much they mean to you. Whether it is your best friend, your sister, or simply your work colleague who has recently become engaged, engagement present ideas can sometimes be hard to come by.

Although many couples will have a list of things that they want, buying something off this list doesn’t show any creativity or thought. If you know them well then you should try and buy something which is a little personal and which you know will be appreciated by the person you are giving it to. Our top five engagement present ideas include:

A classy coffee table book:

Nothing beats an interesting coffee table book, especially if it is relevant to the subject of engagement and marriage. If you think that your newly engaged friends will enjoy flicking through a book full of Hollywood’s biggest weddings, then don’t go past the “Weddings and Movie Stars” coffee table book. This can stimulate interesting conversation, and may even provide ideas for the upcoming wedding!

A favourite alcohol:

In our opinion, one of the best engagement present ideas is a favourite alcohol. Show how well you know the newly engaged couple by buying them their favourite drinks. Who knows - they may even invite you to enjoy it with them!

A small, personal item:

If it is a close friend who has recently become engaged, then you could consider buying some sort of personal object which shows your connection. If possible, try and give them something which you know will mean something to them - it doesn’t have to be expensive or especially fancy - it could be something as simple as a ticket to their favourite musician or a box of their favourite chocolates. In our opinion, the best engagement present ideas are generally those which are simple and personal.

Cash or gift cards:

If you don’t know the newly engaged couple especially well, then you could consider giving them straight cash or a gift card. Marriage often comes with a lot of expenses, which means that any sort of financial help will always be appreciated. Do the right thing by your friends - help them out when they need it most!

A photo or collection of photos showcasing your past:

One great engagement present idea - especially if you have known the person for a long time - is a collection of your memories together. One of the best ways to do this is to take a number of your favourite photos together and to put them in some sort of artistic format. You could create a photo collage in a large frame, could put together a small scrapbook, or could even create some sort of digital collection.

The right engagement gift ideas for your friends will depends on them, their situation, your relationship, and how well you know them. The above five items are amongst the best engagement presents (in our opinion), and should give you a good starting point when you are searching for gifts for your newly engaged friends.