Holidays and special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays can make you feel stressed and agitated especially when you have to look for the perfect gift for the special woman in your life like your mum, grandmother, sister, wife, friend or girlfriend. Finding the perfect gifts for her can be a really daunting challenge because you want to give her something really thoughtful yet useful at the same time.

Coffee Table Books for Women

If you want timeless presents for her that would surely send across your love and appreciation, a great choice would be a coffee table book. These books are ideal not only for book lovers who love to read, but also for those who have particular interests and hobbies. By giving a coffee table book as presents for her, you would be able to show the woman in your life that you do pay attention to her interests, making her feel special and loved.

What is a Coffee Table Book?

A coffee table book is often hard-covered and is relatively bigger in terms of size as compared to the usual reading books. They are mostly light read non-fiction, composed mainly of illustrations or photographs with short texts and captions instead of long paragraphs. Coffee table books are named as such because they are meant to be displayed on a table where guests could access them and read them as a form of entertainment and as conversation starters.

Coffee table books are also intended for display as much as they are meant for reading. Such books usually have interesting, vibrant, glossy and eye-catching hard covers that would significantly enhance the overall look of a living room area or office space. They will be an ideal presents for her who are into both reading and interior decorating.

The kinds of coffee table book that you put on display tell a lot about the owner. People usually pick books and topics that they find interesting and those that represent themselves, which often includes fashion, art, photography, music, inspiring quotes among others. In this sense, guests would be able to know a little bit more about the owner as they thumb through the books displayed on the host's coffee table. If the recipient is someone who is passionate about their interests or hobbies, then coffee table books are the right presents for her, no matter the occasion.

What Coffee Table Books are Available as Presents for Her?

Everything But Flowers offers a large collection of coffee table books for women. Because of the wide variety of book topics available, you would definitely find presents for her that she will adore regardless of her preferences. Below are some of the amazing books that you could choose as presents for her, grouped according to the area of interest.


Books with motivational quotes and photographs that can move the readers make great coffee table books. These would not only entertain the guests, but also possibly inspire them to do follow their own passions. The Humans Of New York Coffee Table Book by Brandon Stanton, which started as a Facebook page with millions of followers, is now available in print. It gives you a closer look at the different people who live in New York with their photos and a sneak peek at the personal details of their lives that are interesting, heartbreaking, sometimes funny, and often inspiring. This book is highly recommended as presents for her for a birthday present or Christmas gift.

Another inspiring book that would touch her heart is the Today, Tomorrow & Every Day Book written by the poet and author M.H. Clark. It has stunning illustrations, as well as a well-written story about a woman living life passionately. This book is just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. With its gorgeous cloth quarter binding, gilded borders, and eye-catching hardcover, it is a must-have for recipient's living room or office.


If the special woman in your life loves pets, particularly the four-legged canine companions, then these presents for her would put a smile on her face. Composed of images of excited dogs and pups as they feel the wind against their faces while riding a car, the book Dogs Hanging Out of Windows Book will instantly make the reader happy. If you want to make the recipient laugh, then you should get her a copy of the Wet Dog Coffee Table Book. Author Sophie Gamand captured and collected photographs of dogs as they are being washed at the grooming shop. This book would amuse and entertain readers of all ages.

Fashion and art

For women who are into art, design, and fashion, coffee table books that are visually stimulating and inspiring would be ideal. Kate Spade's 'Kate Spade, Things We Love' Coffee Table Book has 240 pages of delightful and vibrant photos, fun tips and practical advice, making it a great addition to the recipient's home and office. Helen O'Neill's 'Florence Broadhurst' Coffee Table Book includes 800 different fabric and wallpaper designs by Florence Broadhurst, which is a must have for interior design enthusiasts. If she loves both travel and art, then you should buy her the Berlin Street Style Book by Angelika Taschen. Through the book's illustrations and advice, the reader will be taken into a journey through Berlin's streets and its edgy art and fashion scene without her even leaving the house.


Adventurous foodies will have the time of their lives with Smudge Eats' Flavour Books. These coffee table books would take the recipient to different gastronomic bars and restaurants in Australia like Melbourne, Queensland, South Australia, and Sydney. They also include some recipes that she could try out at home.

A Wide Array of Presents for Her Available at Everything But Flowers

Shopping with us is such a breeze. All you need is a computer, a tablet or a smartphone and an Internet connection, and you will have your chosen presents for her delivered to you in no time. Once you have picked out your presents for her, you may opt to have it gift wrapped using our premium wrappers with luxurious ribbons before we deliver it to you or the recipient. We also have gift and birthday cards where you could add your personal message for her, giving your gift a more personalised touch. Happy shopping!