Mug Cakes: Chocolate Recipe Book

Hardback, By Sandra Mahut

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Baking an entire pan of chocolate cake or cupcakes takes a long time and often leaves you with too many extra cupcakes lying around, just waiting to be eaten. But what if you just want 1 little dessert. For a quick chocolate fix, look no further than Chocolate Mug Cakes. This recipe book has over 30 chocolate cake recipes that are ready in only 2 minutes. So you can satisfy your sweet tooth quickly and easily!

Written by Sandra Mahut, Chocolate Mug Cakes is filled with quick and easy batter recipes that can be baked in the microwave for a delicious, anytime treat. No matter what time of day or night, you can find a moment for a little cake.

Chocolate Mug Cakes is a great Valentines Day, birthday, or Mothers Day gift for chocolate-lovers everywhere. Its also a wonderful gift for college students and those who live alone. And why not pair this lovely book with a new set of beautifully coloured Glazed Ceramic Mugs? Then have both items beautifully gift-wrapped, using our premium gift-wrapping service.

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