50 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Hardback, By Lauren Friedman

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Never underestimate the humble scarf. At least your friend, Mum or significant other won't! After flicking through and trying out different styles they love, they will never have to leave the house feeling less than brand new!

This charming little book shows 50 different ways to wear a scarf. From the Capri to the Paris, the Top Down, the Necklace and the Clutch, there are creative scarf styles here for any occasion and mood. Jaunty illustrations from fashion illustrator Lauren Friedman break down the steps for each style and give this darling book a must-have gift quality.

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Scarves are collectors items some cost hundreds of dollars. You could give a vintage scarf as gifts for women into fashion because vintage scarves were often novelty and fun. There's nothing like them today. This book makes a fantastic gift for women because it shows them how to tie a scarf as the Capri, the Paris, the Necklace and the Clutch. Along with 46 other varieties!