OOZOO Night Sky Navy Glitter Watch

Features a Leather Band and a Luminous Gold Case

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What could be more stunning than the luminous night sky? Only this breathtaking OOZOO Night Sky Glitter Watch. This sophisticated watch seems to display a full sky of stars on its navy blue, glittering clock face. The eye-catching clock face is framed by a polished gold case that’s equally stunning. And did we mention the lovely navy blue leather band? It’s super stylish and comfortable.

This 40mm, splash resistant watch was imported from Holland. It features a stainless steel back, which is nickel-free and safe for sensitive skin. It also features an excellent quartz mechanism.

Want to surprise a chic young lady or fashion-forward woman with an incredible birthday gift? Look no further! This OOZOO Night Sky Glitter Watch will definitely put a smile on any fashionista’s face.

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