Wild Drinks & Cocktails Recipe Book

100 Drink Recipes from Craft Expert Emily Han

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Getting sick of the artificial sweetened, high sugary drinks seem to be found everywhere? Then the Wild Drinks & Cocktail Recipe Book is the perfect gift! Emily Han has created 100 different recipes that will leave you refreshed, rehydrated and rejuvenated.

Learn how to use fermentation techniques to make your own soda. Brew your own team, mix your own tonics and infusions to create beautifully refreshing drinks. Use the recipes to craft homemade cocktails or even health drinks!

Wild Drinks & Cocktails teaches you the techniques youll need to know to create all different drinks. From sodas to tonics, theyll love this endless supply to great drink ideas. Available from Everything But Flowers, it is the perfect gift for the entire family this summer. Quench your thirst with the Wild Drinks & Cocktail Recipe book!

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Cocktail Making Tips & Tricks for Valentine's Day

The ability to make a fine cocktail is more important than you might imagine. Its an impressive skill to show off at parties, on a dinner date, or when youre out with friends. So we have some tips to make your cocktails even better than they were before!

In her book Wild Drinks and Cocktails, Emily Han provides a number of intoxicating, healthy, and downright delicious drinks for you to try during the holidays or on Valentines Day. Speaking of that romantic time of year, this book and cocktail-related items make great Valentines Day gifts.

What is muddling?

Muddling is used in a number of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Lets take a classic example: the mojito. The mojito is a refreshing, summer cocktail complete with muddled mint. If you dont muddle the mint enough, the flavour of the mint will be lost. If you muddle the mint too much, the bitterness of the leaves will be released, giving your mojito an unpleasant taste.

To muddle mint, or any other herb, correctly use a muddler to press the mint against the bottom of the glass and twist the muddler a few times. Be careful not to tear up the leaves. When you smell the aroma of mint, youve muddled enough!

As you give your significant other their Valentines Day gifts this year, muddle some mint and surprise them with a killer mojito!

Should that cocktail be shaken or stirred?

James Bond brought us martinis, shaken, not stirred. But whats the difference? Cocktails that are meant to be stirred usually contain light mixers. As you might guess, cocktails that need to be shaken are ones that contain several ingredients or heavier mixers.

The flavours of a stirred and a shaken martini are very similar. A martini shaken with ice is a bit colder than a stirred martini. And when a martini is shaken, small ice chips remain in the cocktail even after being strained, diluting the cocktail. So should that martini be shaken, not stirred? Its up to you! However you like it, Everything But Flowers has a number of great cocktail-based Valentines Day gifts.

How do you layer cocktails?

Layering cocktails is a fun way to create cool-looking and great-tasting drinks for your next party. Choose a lighter beverage and a heavier beverage. Pour the heavier beverage into the bottom of a glass. Then take a spoon and turn it over, holding the tip close to the inside of the glass. Slowly and carefully, pour the lighter liquid, allowing it to hit the wall of the glass and run down onto the first layer.

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