Rose Gold Moscato Brown Brothers 750ml - 2014

A sweet Moscato with hints of spice and berry fruit

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Making wine for over 100 years have seen to it that Brown Brothers have perfected their methods and techniques and keep creating award winning wines. A great gift for the sweet sparkling wine drinker is the Brown Brothers 2014 Vintage Rose Gold Moscato. It's the perfect Valentines day gift idea; but this wine is so delicious it's sure to be appreciated all year round no matter the occasion.

Moscato is traditionally a lot sweeter than regular wines. With its flavours of red berry fruits, a trace of rose turkish delight and spicy aroma along with the balance of acidity on the palate, the Rose Gold Moscato is a great sweet tasting wine that can be enjoyed on summer days, evenings and is a great addition to the Christmas table spread! All wrapped in a beautiful gift box, featuring floral feminine design.

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Is Moscato Suitable for Valentines Day Gifts?

Over the past several years, Moscato has become a very popular wine. Its enjoyed by both wine-lovers and those who have a hard time finding wine they enjoy. Because of its sweetness, Moscato is an ideal wine for new wine drinkers. But despite its sweetness, it also provides complexity not found in many other dessert wines.

This Valentines Day, treat your significant other to a delicious and enjoyable bottle of Brown Brothers 2014 Rose Gold Moscato. Its the perfect addition to any Valentines Day gift celebration. And this Moscato will definitely hold its own against your other Valentines Day gifts!

What is a Muscat grape?

The Muscat grape is interesting. Unlike other wine grapes, a wide variety of Moscats are eaten as regular table grapes. Theyre also commonly used to make raisins. The Muscat grape, with over 200 varieties, is thought to have originated in Ancient Egypt or Persia. Wherever the grape itself originated, wine made from Moscat grapes first originated in Italy.

To make the wonderful Brown Brothers 2014 Rose Gold Moscato, Brown Brothers utilised the Muscat of Alexandria. Muscat of Alexandria grapes are named, perhaps by the Romans, for the city of Alexandria. Modern DNA tests show that the this type of Moscat grape is a cross between a Muscat Blanc Petits Grains and Axina de Tres Bias grapes. This exotic grape makes great wines, which in turn make great Valentines Day gifts.

Why are Moscatos so delicious?

Moscato is sweeter than most wines, which is why its often considered a dessert wine. But unlike many dessert wines, Moscato has the ability to pair with a wide variety of main dishes. For example, a sweet Moscato is the perfect for enjoying with spicy food.

Moscatos are peppy and semi-sparkling, making them a fantastic choice as Valentines Day gifts during late summer. They also tend to be very fruity making them perfect for quenching your thirst. Brown Brothers 2014 Rose Moscato boasts the delicious flavour of ripe, red berries. But it also promises a bit of a spicy aroma!

What makes Brown Brothers Moscato a truly incredible Valentine's Day Gift Idea?

Brown Brothers believe in quality. With every grape, vine, and bottle of wine, they provide the best of the best Australian wine. Their 2014 Rose Gold Moscato is made with grapes grown with care at their vineyard in Victoria. Their love of quality and attention to detail shines through with each glass.

Why does wine make for great Valentines Day gifts?

Wine is timeless. Its been enjoyed for centuries by men and women of all stations. And it will be enjoyed for many centuries to come. Brown Brothers 2014 Rose Gold Moscato is an incredible wine and is a wonderful gift for an incredible person. As you browse Everything But Flowers for thoughtful Valentines Day gifts, let Brown Brothers provide your special night with this delicious treat.