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Blood Orange Gift Set from MOR Boutique

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Give your skin some love with Two Birds of a Feather Blood Orange Duo from MOR Boutique. Blood Orange begins with a foundation of musk notes. The heart notes include soft floral scents, like lily of the valley, rose, and jasmine. Finally, this beautiful fragrance finishes with mandarin and blood orange notes, leaving skin delicately scented.

Two Birds of a Feather Blood Orange Duo includes hand and body wash (350mL), hand and body lotion (350mL), and an adorned keepsake tin. Though the fragrance alone is enough to put her in heaven, the body wash and lotion are both enriched with olive leaf extract and orange oil to soothe and soften her skin.

The body wash contains aloe vera, vitamin E, and matricaria flower extract. The lotion contains shea butter, vitamin E, and macadamia oils. Both items are free of parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, synthetic dyes, and DEAs.

This wonderful set is a fantastic Valentine's Day gift, or Mother's Day gift or just to say I Love You. So treat your loved one to a little bit of heaven with the Two Birds of a Feather Blood Orange Duo.

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It can be awkward knowing what Valentines Day presents to buy when you've not known somebody that long. You might be crazy about him or her, but you're not sure if the feeling is reciprocated. Do you show make a grand gesture to show how much you care? Or do you play it cool and get something lovely but modest in price?

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Our Two Birds of a Feather Blood Orange Duo Pack are divinely packaged hand creams that come in an elegant tin container. They're a hand and body wash, with a hand and body lotion, enriched with exotic orange oil, olive leaf extract and have floral scents from lily of the valley, rose and jasmine. Perhaps give this lovely gift with some a beautiful flower arrangement the most important gesture on Valentines Day is to show how much you care.