Faux Marble Trinket Tray

Beautifully Crafted Porcelain

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Shes going to fall in love with this stylish trinket tray the moment she receives it. Thanks to the gorgeous yet simple design, this wonderful piece fits seamlessly into any room thanks to its neutral grey tones.

Measuring 13 x 22cm this trinket tray is large enough to hold any items she likes to keep easily on hand for everyday use, without getting in the way. It will look lovely on the bedroom dresser, in the bathroom or wherever she finds convenient.

Crafted from beautiful handmade ceramics, this is a special gift for a special woman for occasions such as her birthday, Christmas, anniversaries or any time just to say you care.

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Why Jewellery Related Gifts are Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentines Day is coming, but you have no reason to fear. Picking out jewellery for your girlfriend may be a minefield, but its one we can help you navigate quite easily. In fact, we have all the Valentines Day gifts you could need to bring a smile to your girlfriends face! We have beautiful jewellery, watches, and useful items, like our Dwell Trinket Tray.

What kind of jewellery does your girlfriend usually wear?

The first thing you should do before looking for your Valentines Day gifts is to start paying more attention to the jewellery she wears regularly. Does she wear mostly silver or gold? Does she prefer big bold jewellery or does she tend to prefer understated items?

Know her skin tone?

There are three skin tones: cool, warm, and neutral. It should be pretty easy to determine your girlfriends tone with these two simple steps:

1. Look at her wrist. If her veins appear blue/purple, she most likely has a cool tone. If her veins appear green, shes most likely warm. If you cant tell, you could probably conclude that her skin tone is neutral.

2. If you have a chance, look at the crease behind her ear. If it appears to have a yellowish tint, then her skin is most likely warm. On the other hand, if the skin has a rosy tint, her skin tone is cool.

You might be wondering, why does her skin tone matter? Women with a cool skin tone look better in silvers, platinums, and white golds. They also tend to look good in gems that are pink, purple, blue, and red. Women with a warm skin tone tend to look best in gold, bronze, and copper. And warm-toned women look good in oranges, browns, and corals. This should give you a good start when looking to add jewellery to your Valentines Day gifts for your girlfriend.

What if you still cant decide on a piece of jewellery?

Many women enjoy receiving jewellery for Valentines Day, but if you are still afraid of choosing the wrong item, consider jewellery-related items for your Valentines Day gifts. For example, your lovely girlfriend needs a safe, but accessible place to keep the jewellery she already owns. The lovely porcelain Dwell Trinket Tray would be a beautiful place for her to store her necklaces, earrings, and rings.

You may also consider giving her a statement piece. A bold piece of jewellery should still match your girlfriends skin tone, but it doesn't have to be similar to the kind of jewellery she already wears. Since a statement piece is about making a statement, its usually bright and big, so these pieces tend to be less about the woman's overall style than it is about her attitude. That said, statement pieces, due to their versatility, make great Valentines Day gifts.

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