Yes Button

Ten pre-recorded messages, all meaning ‘yes’!

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‘Yes’ – we could all say it (and hear it) a little more often, couldn’t we? Well, why not help spread the affirmative vibes, with the Yes Button, from Is! Every time the button is pushed, you’ll hear one of ten pre-recorded affirmative answers being yelled out. Now that’s the kind of thing that could brighten up the office environment!

The Yes Button would make the perfect Kris Kindle gift for a co-worker or boss. Or, why not surprise your partner with a hilariously cheeky novelty gift for the bedroom on Valentine’s Day, or ‘just because’? And, to add to the laughs, you could always give them a second option, by also getting them the No Button.

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Fun Novelty Gifts for Birthdays Now Available at Everything but Flowers!

A birthday is the perfect special occasion for a fun novelty gift. Customers can find many novelty gifts at Everything but Flowers, each having their own original use. Today, we are looking at some of the most popular novelty gifts for birthdays, so be sure to read on if you need some novelty recommendations for a birthday party.

What Is the First Recommended Novelty Gift for a Birthday Party?

Is your recipient someone who says ‘yes’ to everything? Or does your recipient need to say ‘yes’ a little more? No problem, since you could gift the Yes Button from Everything but Flowers for his or her birthday.

The Yes button is a simple yet fun novelty gift. The button contains ten pre-recorded messages, with each pre-recorded message meaning yes. It can be used anywhere in the home, from the office to the bathroom and bedroom. So, if you need to add something extra to your birthday gifts, why not choose this original button from Everything but Flowers?

What Is the Second Recommended Novelty Gift for a Birthday Party?

Know someone who is obsessed by the stars and the galaxy? If so, be sure to consider the Name a Star Gift Set from Everything but Flowers, which enables your recipient to name a star of his or her choice.

While the Name a Star Gift Set is quite suitable for adult men and women, we find that he Name a Star Gift Set is also popular amongst children. So, this is a novelty gift that could be considered by all age ranges.

What Is the Third Recommended Novelty Gift for a Birthday Party?

What if your recipient could own a barbecue he could easily take everywhere? And what if that barbecue had a cool design? Look no further, because our Barbecue Tool Box might be the perfect birthday present for your recipient.

As the name of the product suggests, the Barbecue Tool Box is a portable barbecue with an exterior that looks like a tool box. The inside of the tool box is a barbecue, which leaves you with plenty of space to barbecue some foods on the go. Of course, you could also use this barbecue from the convenience of your own home.

What Is the Fourth Recommended Novelty Gift for a Birthday Party?

There are more unique barbecue tools at Everything but Flowers, which classify as a novelty gift. Naturally, these barbecue tools and utensils are ideal for barbecue lovers, since they can contribute to their overall barbecue experience.

One of the barbecue tools that is loved by recipients across Australia is the Stainless Steel Barbecue Sausage Roller. The Stainless Steel Barbecue Sausage Roller allows your recipient to prevent burnt snags forever. Simply roll them over the barbecue to prevent burning!

What Is the Fifth Recommended Novelty Gift for a Birthday Party?

Are you buying something for a gamer? Or do you know someone with a love for vintage games? Whichever it may be, we can suggest the Mini Arcade Machine as a birthday present.

The Mini Arcade Machine is a portable game console, which looks exactly like a vintage arcade game! The machine provides your recipient with various 16-bit arcade games, considered as genuine classics. So, if your recipient misses the good old days of the arcade, he or she is bound to appreciate this handheld console from our novelty range.

What Is the Sixth Recommended Novelty Gift for a Birthday Party?

Our sixth recommendation is a novelty gift that has been around on Everything but Flowers for a long time, more specifically the Condiment Gun. The Condiment Gun could be the perfect novelty gift for a birthday, but also other special occasions where food will be served.

The Condiment Gun is made to apply condiments and sauces to your favourite foods but do it with a little more flair. The sauce applier is made in the shape of a gun and your recipient must pull the trigger to get the sauce on the food. So, this novelty gift certainly adds a little more fun to adding sauces to hot dogs and the like! Therefore, be sure to consider this unique gift for a gourmet or barbecue lover.

Where Can I Find More Novelty Presents for Birthdays?

Everything but Flowers provides many novelty presents for birthdays. We have a range of classics, but also new additions for our existing customers. Therefore, if you need something original, you are bound to find it in our catalogue.

Need more information about any of the novelty presents in our catalogue? Get in touch with the Everything but Flowers team for more information! Customers can also count on our team for some novelty present recommendations. So, if you need advice or info, be sure to contact our experts.