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Looking for the perfect gift for that stinky person in your life? Warn everyone and save them from the stink with the Fart Alert Button. Featuring 4 hilarious fart phrases that sound randomly when pressed, either the culprit can announce their own flatulence or save others from the smell by doing it for them!

The Fart Alert Button takes 3 AAA Batteries (included) so they can get the laughter underway as soon as it arrives. Take advantage of our free delivery for orders over $99 and put together the ultimate novelty gift package. Whether it’s a Kris Kringle gift or just something to lighten the mood, they’ll be smiling (and everyone who’s nose is saved will be grateful) with this fun gift from Everything But Flowers.

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The Funniest Gifts in Our Range of Men’s Novelty Presents!

Want to give dad a good laugh for Father’s Day? Look no further, because the men’s novelty presents range at Everything but Flowers is packed with funny gifts. Today, we provide our customers with an overview of our favourite men’s presents from this collection, so be sure to read on if you need some inspiration for Father’s Day this year.

What Is the First Funny Gift from the Men’s Presents Catalogue?

Our first funny suggestion from our men’s presents catalogue is the Fart Alert Button. The Fart Alert Button from our range of men’s presents contains four funny fart phrases, which will randomly play when the button is pressed.

Needless to say, the Fart Alert Button is the perfect gift for dads who like to share their gaseous state with their friends and family. It certainly makes dads farts a little funnier.

What Is the Second Funny Gift from the Men’s Presents Catalogue?

Another hilarious present from our Father’s Day presents catalogue is the BBQ Apron Cooking Aid. As the name already suggests, this gift from our Father’s Day presents catalogue is a combination of a barbecue apron and a helpful barbecue tips book. Perfect for dads who tend to burn those burgers and snags.

The BBQ Apron Cooking Aid from our Father’s Day presents range is made from 100% unbleached cotton. The apron itself has a unique print, containing numerous barbecue recipes and even barbecue cooking tips.

If you believe your dad could use some additional help to fine-tune his barbecue skills, you could also add one of the barbecue classes from our Father’s Day presents catalogue. With a combination of a barbecue class and a unique apron from the Father’s Day presents range, your dad will become a barbecue master in no time at all!

What Is the Third Funny Gift from the Men’s Novelty Presents Catalogue?

There are many funny gifts you cannot pass on in our range of men’s novelty presents, including a card game called Punderdome. With this game from our men’s novelty presents catalogue, your dad will be entertained for many hours.

Some bad jokes are absolutely hilarious, and this is a fact that Punderdome plays on. The game consists of two-hundred cards, which contains prompts players must follow. The prompts lead players to create some of the world’s most awful puns, guaranteeing fun for players for several hours. In short, a wonderful gift for friends and family on Father’s Day.

What Is the Fourth Funny Gift from the Men’s Novelty Presents Range?

Some days, dad cannot be asked to stir his tea or coffee. Fortunately, Everything but Flowers has the perfect solution in the form of the Self-Stirring Sloth Mug. As you may have guessed already, the mug is designed to stir automatically, saving your dad some valuable energy.

The Self-Stirring Sloth Mug has a capacity of 375 millilitres. The interior of the mug has a unique rotating blade at the bottom, which starts to stir the contents of the mug when a button on the mug is pushes. The mechanism works on batteries, so there is no need for a charging cable or electric connection. Of course, this also makes the mug perfect for travelling.

What Is the Fifth Funny Gift from the Men’s Novelty Presents Range?

If your dad is quite fond of bar games, you should consider The Official Bar Guide to Darts for Father’s Day. The Official Bar Guide to Darts provides dart players with valuable dart insights and even a detailed description of the game itself.

The Official Bar Guide to Darts is written by Patrick Chaplin, who is a famous darts historian. Over the years, Chaplin has written numerous books about darts, covering almost every aspect of this game. He is also known for his contributions to the dart world, so anyone with a passion for darts could get a treasure trove of information with this book.

There are more dart-related presents for dads at Everything but Flowers, but we find that The Official Bar Guide to Darts is an absolute essential for darts lovers. It is a book that keeps on giving, letting your dad gain access to important information for years to come.

Where Can I Find More Funny Gifts for Father’s Day at Everything but Flowers?

Everything but Flowers has a large range of funny gifts, which are displayed in our novelty section. In our novelty presents categories, customers can find barbecue gifts, books, novelty cufflinks, drinking games, novelty homewares, and a whole bunch more. So, if you want more inspiration for dad on Father’s Day, be sure to check out the available options.

Do you have a question about our novelty presents for men? Get in touch with the Everything but Flowers team via email or telephone for more information.