100 Reasons to Panic About: Being A Grown Up

A Hilarious Hardback Written by Knock Knock

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Growing up is tough. There’s no more playing hooky, no more ice cream for dinner (at least not without gaining a kilo), and no more watching cartoons all weekend long. 100 Reasons to Panic About: Being a Grown Up is a hilarious book about what it really means to become an adult. While each page offers insight into the horrors of adulthood, the book also provides a bit of reassurance. Sure, job interviews are downright nerve-wracking, but they do represent an exciting world of new opportunities!

Written by Knock Knock. Illustrated by Gemma Correll. 112 pages. Hardcover.

100 Reasons to Panic About: Being A Grown Up is the perfect way to warn clueless youth about adulthood. It’s the least you could do for all those kids under 20 who are about be blindsided!

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