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We all have had the issue where we wanted to get someone a great gift but our budget limited. That’s why, at Everything But Flowers, we have a wonderful selection of Novelty Gifts for Under $20. If you have a friend who’s always going on about being bored at work, get them a Desktop Basketball to keep them entertained. Or give your own co-workers a laugh when they see you drinking out of a Toilet Mug. Of course you can always get The World’s Easiest Diet Kit for that friend who wants to lose a few kilos but doesn’t want to put any effort into it. Regardless of your budget, Everything But Flowers has you covered with a great selection of Novelty Gifts for Under $20.

Ever have the problem where you want to get someone an awesome gift but have a limited budget? Everything but flowers has gifts for the ones that are buying on a budget. We have a wide variety of different novelty corporate gifts all for under AU $20.00. This can be the perfect opportunity to give a friend a gift for something to do at work when they get bored or to keep them entertained. The good part of ordering with us over other hamper companies is that we offer free standard delivery when you spend over AU $99.00 and we also offer premium gift wrapping services.

Those advantages are on top of the fact that we have the most incredible unique corporate gifts around. Everything but flowers is the best one stop shopping experience where you can find a gift for any man, women, kid or coworker. If you have a few different occasions coming up and you don’t have gifts for any of them or the time to shop around you should order them all with us. The more hampers you order the more likely you are to get the free standard shipping which will save your time. All of our corporate gifts are perfectly presented and ready to go directly to your recipient already in gift wrap so you do not have to worry about wrapping it.

Top Corporate gifts

Beer Pong for AU $14.95 – This gift includes 12 plastic cups and 2 plastic balls. The point of beer pong is to fill the plastic cups with any alcoholic beverage you desire and then attempt to bounce the balls into them.

Grenade Coffee Mug for AU $13.95 – The novelty grenade shaped coffee mug has authentic military markings and the firing pin becomes the handle. It makes the perfect gift of thank to any soldier and show appreciation for their service.

Toilet Coffee Mug for AU $14.95 – This Toilet Coffee Mug is attention seeking and is sure to make your loved one the center of attention at work. It is a unique and amusing gift for a one-of-a-kind person. Anyone who stumbles across it is sure to have a good laugh, it is so realistic looking it is funny.

If these top three corporate gifts for under $20 are not what you are looking for, that’s okay! We have plenty more in other categories and pages upon pages in the under $20.00 section. There are a bunch of gifts that will make you laugh, be the center of attention at a party or at work and other just funny novelty gifts.


Even though you are shopping on a budget, if you get 6 corporate gifts for your coworkers you will qualify for free shipping depending on what gifts you choose. This is the best bang for your buck, corporate gifts for under $20.00 and free shipping Australia wide as long as you spend over $99.00.

Contacting us

If you have any questions about any of our gifts, feel free to call our customer service team and have them help you.