Toot Toot & Tweet Tweet Buggy Book Pack

Colourful and Entertaining Books for Toddlers

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Toddlers have a funny way of getting bored and fussy. With this Toot Toot & Tweet Tweet Buggy Book Pack, it’s easy to keep any little girl or boy entertained and happy! The set comes with the book Toot Toot about a cute blue car on a nice drive, and Tweet Tweet, about a lovely blue bird. Both books are made with soft plastic and attach easily to the pram, making them perfect for running errands or strolling around town on a nice warm day.

Both 10-page books in this set measure 10 x 2.8 x 10cm.

Keeping a toddler entertained has never been so easy. This Toot Toot & Tweet Tweet Buggy Book Pack is super cute is make a delightful birthday gift. It even comes with a complimentary greeting card!

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Fun Presents for Toddlers – Find the Best Gift Options at Everything but Flowers!

When you choose birthday presents for toddlers, there is only one requirement: the gift needs to be fun. Fortunately, there is no shortage of fun birthday presents and baby presents at Everything but Flowers. Do you want to get familiar with some of our personal favourites? Discover our favourite birthday presents and baby presents below!

Could You Recommend a Fun Book from the Birthday Presents or Baby Presents Collection?

Our first recommendation is present in both our baby presents and birthday presents for toddlers collection, more specifically a gift set containing the Toot Toot & Tweet Tweet buggy books. While Toot Toot tells the story of the cutest blue car, Tweet Tweet tells the story of a lovely blue bird. In short, a lovely story selection to tell on a warm day or just before bedtime.

What Is the Largest Fun Toy Available at Everything but Flowers?

The second fun recommendation from our birthday presents collection is the Indigo Jam Hascombe House, one of the highest quality dollhouses you can find nowadays. The Indigo Jam Hascombe House is fully furnished and enables children to play with two wooden peg people in a three-story home. Therefore, this is not a gift that will bore easily.

Our Indigo Jam Hascombe House from the baby presents collection is suitable for babies of twelve months and older. It measures a spacious 39 x 41 x 23 centimetres and consists fully of ethically sourced materials. So, when you want to go all out and choose the most fun present in our baby presents collection, it is difficult to ignore the Indigo Jam Hascombe House.

What Is a Fun Experience for Toddlers at Everything but Flowers?

Everything but Flowers does not only offer amazing experiences for adults, but also a series of experiences for toddlers. If you want to pick out something fun from this collection, we can certainly recommend the Water Babies Swimming Lessons (10 Weeks).

The Water Babies Swimming Lessons (10 Weeks) is a great experience for toddlers, since it provides them with a fun first encounter with the swimming pool. During a Water Babies Swimming Lessons, the toddler gets to play some fun games, splash water and gain confidence. What is not to love about this experience from Everything but Flowers?

Does Everything but Flowers Have Some Fun Decorations for a Toddler’s Bedroom?

There are several decorations in our collection and some of these are as functional as they are fun. One such an item is the Kitsch Kitchen Clock, which is available for both girls and boys. If you want a suitable clock for girls, be sure to choose the Kitsch Kitchen Happy Valley Clock. If you need a clock for a boy, then you could choose the Kitsch Kitchen Tiger Alarm Clock.

Does Everything but Flowers Have Fun Backpacks for Kids?

We have several fun backpacks for children, but some of our fun backpacks are also organic; this is the case for the Tiger Organic Cotton Backpack.

The Tiger Organic Cotton Backpack is created with respect for nature. It is made with the finest 100% cotton and features a save the species concept that teaches children early on about endangered animals and the importance of protecting them. So, if the child you need a present for has parents who are environmentally-conscious, this backpack might be the perfect choice.

What Fun Games Could You Recommend for Toddlers?

One of the fun games for toddlers we can recommend is the Bunny Bedtime Game. The Bunny Bedtime Game is a choice game, which is centred around a sleepy bunny. Getting a toddler to sleep might be a challenge, but this delightful game makes it a whole lot easier.

Inside the Bunny Bedtime Game, you can find a game board, parent guide, instructions, wooden puzzle pieces and the wooden bunny mover. Before bedtime, this game can be played by two or more players. So, this game could also prove useful for parents with multiple children.

The Bunny Bedtime Game is perfect for toddlers, because the game does not require any reading. It is also an easy game to play and to follow. Of course, this game also helps parents, because children will love bedtime from now on with this outstanding game!

What Other Fun Toys and Games Are Available at Everything but Flowers?

We already mentioned some of our most fun toys and games, but there is much more to discover. If you want to uncover more options available at Everything but Flowers, be sure to check out our kids category for more fun toys and games.

Do you need some recommendations from our team of experts? Feel free to contact our customer support at Everything but Flowers. Simply give us a call or drop us an email for some personalised gift options!