Bunny LED Lamp

The Perfect Glow for Worry-Free Sleep

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A warm, glowing light is sometimes all it takes to allay the fears of a sleepy toddler. Because everyone knows that as long as there’s a light on, the monsters under the bed and in the closet will stay well away. This porcelain Suck UK Bunny LED Lamp fends off alll those monsters with nothing more than a nice LED light and a touch of cuteness. And, the LED light stays cool to the touch throughout the night.

To adjust the amount of light, the lamp can be turned toward or away from room. The lamp measures 11 x 17 x 20cm. It includes a AU/NZ mains USB adaptor, as well as a charging cord.

This Suck UK Bunny LED Lamp is the perfect present for soothing toddlers and young children, which is why it’s one of our favourites here at Everything But Flowers! A complimentary greeting card is included with your order.

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