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Nothing ever really prepares parents for the toddler sta

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Give a humorous parenting or first birthday gift from Everything But Flowers. Celebrate life’s parenting adventures with Seriously Milestone Toddler Cards.

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Need Original Christmas Presents or Birthday Presents for Kids? Discover Your Recommended Gifts Below!

Finding some original Christmas presents and birthday presents for kids is not always that easy, because a lot of stuff is mass-produced nowadays. Fortunately, you can count on Everything but Flowers and our original collection of Christmas presents and birthday presents for kids! Curious what your recommended Christmas presents and birthday presents for kids are? Read on to find out which gifts are best for your young recipient.

Seriously Toddler Milestone Cards

Our first recommended gift is the Seriously Toddler Mile Cards Collection. This collection is present in our Christmas presents and birthday presents for kids range. Therefore, these cute cards can be used for both occasions.

Of course, the Seriously Toddler Milestone Cards can be used for many special occasions, because these cards map your child’s route to adulthood. It is also a fun reminder for parents that they’re not alone, because these cards feature some statements such as “absolute threenager”, “I covered myself in makeup, cream, flour” and many other statements that parents can relate to where their toddler is concerned.

Weegoamigo RicRac Alice Knitted Baby Blanket

To ensure toddlers stay comfortable at nap time, you could consider the Weegoamigo RicRac Alice Knitted Baby Blanket as a gift. This cute little blanket is made from a double layer of cotton and bamboo, making the blanket remarkably soft and comfortable.

The Weegoamigo RicRac Alice Knitted Baby Blanket is suitable for both babies and toddlers, since it measures a reasonable 95 x 80 centimetres. Of course, this blanket is also suitable for babies with certain allergies, given the combination of 70% cotton and 30% bamboo. It also has a TOG-rating of 0.8, which means this blanket is suitable for both summer and winter.

Sophie the Giraffe Signature Kids Sunglasses

There are many Sophie the Giraffe items at Everything but Flowers, which includes a pair of Sophie the Giraffe Signature Kids Sunglasses. These sunglasses provide protection against the sun, but are also made from shatterproof lenses to make sure they are suitable for a toddler who is constantly running and playing.

The Sophie the Giraffe Signature Kids Sunglasses comes in a protective pouch, which can be used to store these fun sunglasses when they aren’t being used. It also has a separate silicone head strap, which ensures the sunglasses stay on and keep the eyes of the toddler protected.

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada

Dads looking for the perfect present for their toddler will find something truly original at Everything but Flowers – the Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada book. This classic book – written by comedian Jimmy Fallon – guarantees that your baby’s first words will be dad, not mum! It’s an entertaining read for both parents and the toddler, so mum and dad will get a lot of enjoyment from this book too.

Silver Sprinkles Unicorn

Many customers are looking for a fun cuddly toy for a baby or toddler, but they often have no idea which soft toys are safe and suitable for a certain age range. When you need a cuddly, soft toy for a toddler or baby, we can certainly recommend the Silver Sprinkles Unicorn.

The Silver Sprinkles Unicorn measures a reasonable 33 centimetres; this makes the unicorn big enough for the playpen or the crib. Of course, the Silver Sprinkles Unicorn is also a perfect travelling companion which can keep your toddler or baby company during long car rides.

King Koala Knit Toy & Knit Blanket

Do you want to gift the softest and most comfortable gift to a baby or toddler? If you do, you could choose the King Koala Knit Toy & Knit Blanket. The blanket inside this gift set measures a good 95 x 80 centimetres and is made from the finest cotton. The plush toy is also made from the finest cotton, which ensures maximum durability for both gifts!

The King Koala Knit Toy & Knit Blanket can be machine-washed, so if the baby or toddler uses these gifts often, the parents will have no problems keeping them clean and hygienic. Of course, the nature of cotton material also ensures that it won’t hold onto stains and smells easily, which also contributes to the safety and overall comfort of this gift!

Happy Jackson Baby Changing Mat

Customers who want to buy something functional for a newborn should choose something that is functional for the parents, because babies aren’t always aware of intricate toys. Therefore, we can certainly recommend a gift such as the Happy Jackson Baby Changing Mat, which always comes in handy for new parents.

The Happy Jackson Baby Changing Mat features a fun slogan reading “Ok people, let’s get this mess sorted!’. The overall design of this baby changing mat was chosen for overall convenience and maximum functionality. The mat measures a spacious 70 x 45 centimetres, which leaves plenty of room for emergency nappy changes. This mat also contains a mesh pouch, which can be used to store extra nappies and baby wipes if they should be needed.

Despite the large size of this changing mat when it is opened, the mat stays remarkably compact when it is folded up. When folded, this changing mat only measures a small 19 x 23 x 6 centimetres; this means that it can easily be stored.

Guess How Much I Love You Book & Toy Set

The classic gifts are often the best, so you could consider a Peter Rabbit gift set. One of the gift sets that is perfect for babies and toddlers is the Guess How Much I Love You Book & Toy Set, which includes a classic Peter Rabbit storybook and a plush toy the baby or toddler will treasure forever.

More Original Gifts for Babies and Toddlers at Everything but Flowers

To ensure there are always original gifts available at Everything but Flowers, our team adds new gifts to the range daily. Of course, there are also other gifts that have not been mentioned yet, so we urge you to check our entire range of gifts for babies and toddlers before you decide.