Farm Faces & Zoo Faces 2 Book Set

Fun Interactive Books the Whole Family Will Love!

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There’s no better way to learn about farm and zoo animals than with this fun Farm Faces & Zoo Faces 2-Book Set! The set comes with two interactive board books: Farm Faces and Zoo Faces. Each 12-page book is filled with fun animals masks, so parents can bring all the animals to life as they read. The books are sure to make any toddler giggle with delight!

Both colourful board books measure 16.5 x 1 x 16.5cm.

If you’re looking for a birthday gift or Christmas present for a lucky girl or boy, this Farm Faces & Zoo Faces 2-Book Set is a great find! The books are cute, silly, and great for bedtime. To personalise this wonderful gift, explore our many customisation options during checkout.

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What Are the Best Birthday Presents for Toddlers?

Finding good baby presents for toddlers might seem easy at first, because there are so many baby presents available nowadays. However, with so many possible baby presents, it does make your choice a little harder. Fortunately, you can count on Everything but Flowers to deliver a pointed summary of the best birthday presents and baby presents for toddlers. Curious what our recommended baby presents are? Find out in our overview below!

Which Books Could You Recommend for a Toddler’s Birthday?

The type of books you buy for a toddler certainly depends on the age, but one of our recommendations for a toddler celebrating their first or second birthday is a set of books containing Farm Faces and Zoo Faces.

One of the most fun features in the Farm Faces and Zoo Faces books is the fact both contain masks. The masks are used by the parents to make the stories come to life while reading. Therefore, these books from our birthday presents collection cannot be missing from a toddler’s book collection.

In addition to Farm Faces and Zoo Faces, customers should also consider the Peter Rabbit Book & Snuggle Blanket. The Peter Rabbit Book & Snuggle Blanket contains a classic Peter Rabbit book written by Beatrix Potter, but also a snuggly blanket that will keep your toddler quite comfortable. So, if you are considering a gift set containing a book, we urge you consider this gift set from our birthday presents collection too.

What Birthday Presents Could I Obtain to Teach a Toddler Pre-School Skills?

A lot of presents at Everything but Flowers are made to teach toddlers some skills, so we have several options that could be obtained if you want to give a toddler an educational present. One option is the Peppa Pig Sorting Box.

The Peppa Pig Sorting Box is used to teach children about shapes and colour, but also spatial awareness. The sorting box is made from the finest materials, so its superior quality ensures that the Peppa Pig Sorting Box can take quite a bit of punishment. Therefore, the Peppa Pig Sorting Box is perfect for a toddler!

Does Everything but Flowers Sell Any Dollhouses?

Many parents claim that they do not make dollhouses like they used to, because a lot of the options they find nowadays are mass-produced and lack the quality parents are looking for. However, these parents have not looked on Everything but Flowers, because we have dollhouses made from the finest and most durable materials. In short, like a dollhouse should be.

One of the dollhouses sold at Everything but Flowers is the Indigo Jam Hascombe House. The dollhouse is a three-story furnished house, fully made with durable timbers. It’s been hand-decorated as well, so the attention of this detail is incredible! In addition to the dollhouse and two peg people, the Indigo Jam Hascombe House also includes thirteen pieces of quality furniture for the dollhouse.

The superior quality of the dollhouse, peg people, and dollhouse furniture make this dollhouse a must-have for many toddlers. It is a gift that will be remembered forever. It might even be passed on to the next generation in time, because this dollhouse is made to stand the test of time.

Does Everything but Flowers Have Suitable Plush Toys for Toddlers and Babies?

Everything but Flowers have many plush toys suitable for toddlers and babies. Each of our plush toys must meet our strict standards, so that the toys are safe to play with for young children.

One of the plush toys we can recommend for babies as well as toddlers is the Sophie Cherie Plush. The Sophie Cherie Plush is a part of the famous Sophie La Giraffe collection, one of the favourite toy brands of Australian children. Parents are also fond of the Sophie La Giraffe toys too, because the quality and durability of these toys is incomparable to some other plush toys on the market today.

In addition to the Sophie Cherie Plush, we must mention that Everything but Flowers has other Sophie La Giraffe toys available. We also have Sophie La Giraffe teethers for babies, who can use it to soothe their sore gums.

What Other Toys Can You Recommend as a Birthday Present for Toddlers?

As we mentioned briefly in our introduction, Everything but Flowers has many birthday presents for toddlers, but to make it a little easier to decide, we created a summary of our most popular options. Still, there are many other possibilities at Everything but Flowers, so be sure to check the remainder of our catalogue for more plush toys, games, books and other birthday gifts!

Do you have a question about any of our birthday presents? Contact Everything but Flowers today via telephone, email or online chat. We will be more than happy to answer your questions.