Magnetic Polaroid Frame with Pen

Cover the fridge with polaroid pictures

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Do you remember the invention of the Polaroid Camera, when you could see your photos straight away? Before that, for you youngsters reading this, people would have to wait sometimes days for their film to be developed! Now you can recreate the effect of these beloved Polaroids with Magnetic Polaframes by Doiy. Print your favourite camera phone pictures and stick them to the Polaframe – then it'll stick to your fridge or anything magnetic. This is a perfect present for retro junkies and nostalgia lovers of all ages. They also add a touch of chic to your fridge!

The Polaframe kit includes a marker so you can write notes on the frame, to add a personal touch. You'll get six frames in each pack and a dry-erase pen. We will gift-wrap all your presents for you if you wish. You can also upgrade to our Premium Gift-Wrapping Service for an extra-special occasion. We also offer free Australia-wide shipping when you spend $99 AU or more, and give you live tracking details for every gift. Here at Everything But Flowers we want your shopping experience to be as pleasurable and easy as possible.

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Polaframes by Doiy

Are you looking for creative and one-of-a-kind presents for kids? These polaframes might just be the ideal gift you are looking for. Presents for kids must always be creative, fun, and exciting. You can get all of these inside the polaframes. Kids can have more fun with all the pictures and all the messages you can place in the photos.

Get More Creative in Framing Your Photos

Get more creative in preserving your pictures and get nostalgic with all your most valued precious photos. These frames will give a retro look in your photos and have some fun and vintage vibe. Preserve the snapshots in a very creative way.  You can think of endless way to design your photos. You can not only write messages but also place small doodles and little drawing around the frames. Have more creativity and fun with your photos.

What’s included in the Set?

This pack of hip polaframes includes six frames and one fry-erase marker pen. You can use the pen to write and re-write messages to give it a more customised and personal feeling. The photo frames comes with the magnet so you can place it in your fridge or in a metal cabinet or wall. You can place them in any metal surface together with other colourful and artistic magnets. You can have a wall that you can style and be creative with. Personalise and customised it whatever you want it to be. The polaframes are made of quality materials of magnet and PVC and are guaranteed safe as presents for kids.

Choose your favourite photos and place it inside these frames. You can also cut images from your favourite magazine and print out images and stick them inside these photo frames. The frames measure at 14x11.3x1.7cm. The magnetic polaframes are designed by DOIY and are guaranteed to be made of quality materials. It is sure to be safe presents for kids.

What You Should Know When Buying for Presents for Kids

When buying presents for kids, you must always take note that the gifts should always have a sense of creativity, imagination, excitement, and fun. As they are just young playful ones, presents for kids must always bring out in them their artistic side. They can be creative in the pictures and images they want to put in the magnet frames. They could have fun in coming up with captions and messages they can place at the bottom of each snapshot. Kids can think of endless ways in designing your metal surface. They can create a dream wall where they can put pictures of the things they dream of and they want to achieve. Young ones can also create a message metal wall where they can place customised quotes and messages with colourful and vibrant photos. You can also put a freedom wall for just anything you want to place in frames.

Order these polaframes from Everything But Flowers and have a blast list of presents for kids! You’ll be surprise with how creative they can get. Customise photos and have a nostalgic feeling in all your stills.