My Life Story 100 Year Diary

1080 Page Diary for a Lifetime of Memories

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The events and people who are most special during a lifetime of memories deserve a place in the My Life Story 100 Year Diary. This 1080-page journal has a page for every beloved memory and milestone. Between the front and back covers of this book, a place exists for dreams, hopes, tales of love, and stories of achievements hard-won.

The My Life Story 100 Year Diary is a gift anyone can love and appreciate. It even makes a considerate christening or baby shower gift. We include a complimentary greeting card with each Everything But Flowers order. Before checking out, personalise this complimentary card or upgrade to a premium greeting card during checkout.

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The Best Christmas Presents for Girls This Holiday Season!

Finding the perfect Christmas presents for girls becomes easier when you have a summary of popular gifts. This year, Everything but Flowers has created an overview of recommended Christmas presents for girls, so you can easily pick something out for your recipient. Curious what we could offer? Discover the recommended Christmas presents for girls below to find the perfect present!

Does Everything but Flowers Offer Diaries?

Every teenage girl loves her diary; this immediately explains our first suggestion from our Christmas presents for girls overview. My Life Story 100 Year Diary does exactly what its name suggests, provide enough pages for a lot of thoughts and feelings.

The diary contains a total of 1080 diary pages. It also has a durable cover; this to make sure that this dairy can be kept forever without having to worry it will fall apart. It is an excellent gift option for a momentous occasion or a milestone birthday, so be sure to consider it for your recipient this Christmas!

Does Everything but Flowers Offer Wallets for Teenagers?

There are some items at Everything but Flowers that can be personalised, and one of these items is the Pink Leather Monogrammed Key & Coin Wallet.

The Pink Leather Monogrammed Key & Coin Wallet is made from a beautiful toned leather and holds enough space for four initials. To personalise this beautiful coin wallet for your recipient, simply add the initials of your recipient to the designated field on the product description page.

Does Everything but Flowers Offer Personalised Glasses Cases?

Our Pink Leather Monogrammed Glasses Case is an excellent gift for teenage girls wearing glasses or sunglasses regularly. The case is suitable for prescription glasses as well as fashion glasses, since the stunning leather will ensure anything inside stays protected.

Like the Pink Leather Monogrammed Key & Coin Wallet, the Pink Leather Monogrammed Glasses Case can also be personalised with the monogram of your recipient. Simply add it on the product description page before checking out.

Does Everything but Flowers Offer Pencil Cases?

The Unicorn Liquid Pencil Case & Nail Stickers Set is another recommended gift for teenage girls. It is one of the most colourful items in our collection, but also one of our most functional, since teenage girls always need a pencil case to store their pencils and pens for school.

In addition to the pencil case, this set also contains a set of nail stickers. With the nail stickers, your recipient can create some funky nail designs, something most teenage girls love to do. So, if your teenage recipient is fond of doing nails, be sure to consider this set at Everything but Flowers!

Which Experience Would You Recommend for a Teenager?

Some parents want to give their teenage girl important life skills. Fortunately, parents can do exactly that by gifting them the Preserving the Harvest Class in Victoria. During this class, the recipient learns how to preserve fruits and vegetables from the garden, but they also learn how to cook things with them.

The Preserving the Harvest Class is also a good option for teenage girls who do not like colourings and preservatives in their foods, since this class teaches how to preserve and make food without using preservatives such as salt, sugar and vinegar.

Which Sentimental Gifts Can I Buy for a Teenager?

If you are buying a gift for your friend, then you could consider the More Compliments Postcard Book. Inside this book, your recipient can find numerous statements on pretty postcards, which are meant to boost your recipient’s self-esteem and confidence.

Does Everything but Flowers Have Aromatherapy?

Most teenage girls like a nice scented candle, which immediately explains our next recommendations from our presents collection – the La Cruz Luscious Vanilla Pod Caramel Candle.

The La Cruz Luscious Vanilla Pod Caramel Candle combines the sweetness of caramel and the comfort of vanilla in the same luxurious scent. It has a total burn time of approximately 33 hours, so your recipient will get a lot of use out of this one.

We also need to mention that Everything but Flowers also offers aromatherapy and other scented candles. So, if you want to add additional fragranced items to your gift, be sure to head over to the teenager catalogue to uncover more options available to you.

What Other Gifts Are Available for Teenage Girls?

With the recommended gifts mentioned above, we have only covered a minuscule part of our collection. These are just some suggestions for the holiday season, so we urge you to head to our main catalogue to discover all the options available to you.

Do you have a question about any of the items we described earlier? Or do you need some personal recommendations for your teenage recipient? Contact Everything but Flowers today and we will be more than happy to assist!