'Colour Me Swiftly' Taylor Swift Colouring Book

Taylor Swift needs some colour!

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Taylor Swift is everywhere. Her music is on the radio, her face is on every magazine, and we see her on TV just about every day. With Colour Me Swiftly (Colour Me Good), you can now even colour her in!

Colour Me Swiftly, from Mel Simone Elliot, provides 32 pages of colouring opportunities with popÕs golden girl, Taylor Swift. The book also provides fun Taylor Swift-based activities and questions, allowing the gift recipient to explore empowering ideas and questions. It measures 20.8 x 0.5 x 20.8 cm.

Give Colour Me Swiftly (Colour Me Good) as a birthday or Christmas gift to the Taylor Swift-loving teenage girl in your family. SheÕs sure to spend hours colouring and having fun with her idol. We recommend pairing this book with Colour Me Good: Ryan Gosling or Colour Me: Swoon.

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Our Top Five Tips For Buying Gifts For Teenagers

Teenagers can be difficult, and buying gifts for them can be time consuming and costly. If they have a job or access to money, then they will probably have almost everything that they want. If they don’t have something, then the chances are that it will be too expensive for you to buy them. Think carefully when trying to buy gifts for teenagers – doing so will help you get the perfect present.

Here at Everything But Flowers we understand just how hard it can be to buy the perfect gifts for teenagers. We have put together a list of our top five tips to help you get the perfect presents, no matter what the occasion. Find them below:

1. Think about what they enjoy:

The right gifts for any particular teenager will depend entirely on what they are into. Some teens are into outdoors activities and would enjoy receiving things like sporting equipment, while others would probably appreciate new games a lot more.

Thinking about the things that the person in question enjoys will allow you to buy the perfect gifts for teenagers. For example, if the person you are buying for is a thirteen year old girl who loves Taylor Swift and is a bit artistic, then you could consider buying them the ‘Colour Me Swiftly' Taylor Swift Colouring Book. This should be well received, and will provide them with hours of endless fun.

2. Think about what you have in common:

If you are trying to buy gifts for teenagers that you are close to, then you need to think about the things you have in common and the memories that you share. Doing this will allow you to get things that you can both relate to, and will mean that any gifts that you buy will probably be pretty well received.

3. Try and understand them:

Teenagers are usually thought of as the most complicated people on the planet. The key to buying gifts that they will enjoy and put to use – instead of just chucking in the back of their wardrobe – is to try and think like they do. This will allow you to get them something that they enjoy and which they will be able to make use of for a long time to come.

4. Simple can be better:

Remember, gifts for teenagers don’t have to be expensive, and they don’t have to be complicated. A girl who is into horses would probably be over the moon if they received something like a ticket to a horse show, while a gaming teen would probably love a new video game.

5. You don’t have to overthink it:

The most important thing – for the sake of your own sanity – when buying gifts for teenagers is that you don’t overthink the gift buying process. Keep things simple, buy something that you know that they will enjoy, and most importantly, don’t get stressed out. Enjoy yourself so that you can get a gift which the person that you are buying for will enjoy!