Gel Yeah Pen Set by Bando

Includes Neon, Metallic, and Glitter Gel Pens

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Gel pens are awesome. Every teenage girl knows that. And this Gel Yeah Pen Set is the best, if we may say so. The set includes seven gel pens: one metallic gold pen, one black pen with silver glitter, and five bright neon pens. This colourful set is perfect for scheduling plans in a cute planner, taking notes in class, or writing secret letters to friends.

Should you give this Gel Yeah Pen Set as a Christmas or birthday present to a teenage girl? We think you know what we’re about say... gel yeah! Add this fun gift to your Everything But Flowers cart and personalise a premium greeting card to add a nice finishing touch.

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When Teen Girls Get Together They Want Gel Yeah!

When the girls get together for some fun there is no doubt going to be some colour involved! Probably some scrap booking, maybe some colourful drawing or even a love letter to their teenage crush! Everything But Flowers has their pages covered and Teen Gifts covered too, with the Gel Yeah Pen Set. Imagine the explosion of colourful wall art that could be created with these set of 7 crafty gel pens! Think Rainbows and Glittering Unicorns with a splash of sunshine! Think Gifts for Her! Gel Yeah Pen Set will provide hours of Colourful fun!

The new School year is looming and the pencil cases are starting to be restocked. Everything But Flowers is all about Teen Gifts especially for those back to school art classes. The Gel Yeah Pen Set is set of 7 amazing gel pens that include 7 incredible colours, like iridescent yellow, green and not to mention the all-important gold! When you shop Gifts for Her, throw a little something colourful into the surprise like the Gel Yeah Pen Set. The Gel Pen set is perfect for writing notes, scheduling in her diary and creating wonderful creative and colourful works of art! These awesome pens could be a wonderful gift on their own or perhaps you might like to add something extra to the Gel Yeah Pen Set. Everything But Flowers loves unique and exclusive Teen Gifts and we know that you will find something extra in our stunning range of Gift for Her!

Secret notes to Friends in full Technicolour!

The Pen set includes five bright neon pens, one black pen with silver glitter and one metallic gold pen. The Gel Pens are perfect for an any occasion Teen Gift or to throw some sparkle into her school bag for the big year ahead! Her School year is full of wonder and learning, but also loads of fun letter writing to mates, so why not let her express some creative freedom and add the Gel Yeah Pen Set to the pencil case. She will be just delighted with the Gel Yeah Pen Set and the envy of her class mates! The Gel pen’s will have her books and diaries highlighted with an array of wondrous colours and sparkles!

Teen Gifts from Everything But Flowers

We have some outstanding and awesome Teen Gifts for all types of young ladies. We love to send gifts for her with great thought and purpose, as we know each individual teenage girl is very much an individual. When shopping Teen Gifts with Everything But Flowers, we have many options for you to choose from that would complement the Gel Yeah Pen Set. Take some time to check out our Teen Gifts Range if you would like to add that extra something special! Don’t worry! We deliver Australia wide with several delivery options. Should you need some assistance please feel free to visit our Delivery page, right here on Everything But Flowers.

The Most Popular Christmas Presents for Girls at Everything but Flowers?

At Everything but Flowers, we often get the question what our most popular Christmas presents for girls are; this is no surprise, because the popularity of certain presents can help other customers to decide. To help you find the perfect Christmas present this year, we have created a summary of our most popular Christmas presents for girls. So, read on to find out which Christmas presents for girls you should be buying.

What Is the Most Popular Stocking Filler for Teenage Girls?

Teenage girls can give you clear hints of what they want for Christmas, but this does not help you to find stocking fillers. Fortunately, there is a popular stocking filler at Everything but Flowers, and it is darned functional too – the Gel Yeah Pen Set from our Christmas presents for girls collection.

The Gel Yeah Pen Set by Bando contains seven quality gel pens, each with their own colour. Some of the pens have a neon finish, while others feature glitter for maximum sparkling effect. In short, these are pens that are going to be incredibly fun at school!

What Christmas Present Would You Recommend for a Girly Girl?

Girly girls love anything with lots of pink, which explains our next recommendation – the Pink Leather Monogrammed Key & Coin Wallet. This cute coin wallet is perfect for going out and can be personalised with the monogram of your recipient.

The Pink Leather Monogrammed Key & Coin Wallet is made from the finest toned leather, which means that this wallet can stand the test of time. Even though it is compact, it still holds enough space for essentials such as cards, money, change and keys. So, this present will allow her to go out with friends without having to carry a bulky handbag around.

Even though the Pink Leather Monogrammed Key & Coin Wallet enables teens to leave their handbag at home, we must mention that Everything but Flowers has a lot of handbags and clutches for teens to. So, if you would like to add to this present, be sure to check out our collection of designer handbags and clutches too!

What Decorations Can You Recommend for a Teen’s Room?

Teens love original stuff, but also trendy things! Therefore, our next recommendation is a set of Sugar Skulls String Lights!

The sugar skulls have been fashionable for some time and the trend does not seem like it is dying down any time soon. So, if you need a decoration for a teen’s room, these string lights will be much appreciated.

Our Sugar Skulls String Lights have a total length of 4.2 metres and are operated by battery. So, you do not have to consider details such as the location of the power plug in the teen’s room. Of course, since they are battery operated, they can also be taken to the dorm room when the teen goes off to university or college.

Does Everything but Flowers Have Any Diaries for Teens?

Diaries are also popular for teenage girls, because which teenage girl does not have diary to write down her thoughts and feelings? Even though we have numerous choices that a teen will love, we especially recommend the My Life Story 100 Year Diary!

The My Life Story 100 Year Diary contains a whopping 1080 pages, which is plenty of room for a teen to write down her innermost thoughts. It is also perfect to do some scrapbooking, and store some of the finest photographs that commemorate a milestone or an important occasion. One thing we are certain, this diary is going to be treasured by the teen forever.

What Do You Recommend for a Creative Teen?

There are several gifts for creative teens at Everything but Flowers; this includes pencils, colouring books, sketch pads, paints and so much more. However, there is one novelty gift that you cannot afford to skip on – the Unicorn Rainbow Pencils Set.

The Unicorn Rainbow Pencils Set is probably one of the most original pencil sets on the market today. The clever design enables teens to store their pencils safely, but also enables them to add a beautiful decoration to their bedroom. The pencils inside the set are also of good quality, so there is not any downside to buying this set from Everything but Flowers.

Can I Get Some Personal Gift Recommendations for Teens at Everything but Flowers?

At Everything but Flowers, we understand that buying the perfect present for a teen can be harder than buying for anyone else; this is one of the reasons why our team of present experts are at your disposal. If you are stuck looking for a gift, or simply need some additional information about any of the presents for teens at Everything but Flowers, do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service staff to get some recommendations.