I Am Very Busy Pencil Pouch

Light Blue Leatherette Pouch with Metallic Print

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Purses and backpacks are where items go to disappear, never to be seen again. But a little organisation can ensure the safety and accessibility of those little things women need throughout the day. This Ban.do I Am Very Busy Pencil Pouch measures 1 x 22.2 x 10.2cm, which is the perfect size for organising pens, pencils, make-up, and more.

The leatherette pouch features lovely gold lining, matching gold hardware, and a Ban.do logo in gold foil.

For the busy teenage girl, the Ban.do I Am Very Busy Pencil Pouch is a fun and thoughtful gift. If you order by 1PM (AEST), you can take advantage of our same day and next day delivery options to major metropolitan areas


Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

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What Pencil Cases Would You Recommend for Teenage Girls?

One pencil case from our Christmas presents for girls catalogue is the I Am Very Busy Pencil Pouch, an ideal option for teenage girls. The I Am Very Busy Pencil Pouch is a beautiful pencil pouch made from light blue leather. It measures 1 x 22.2 x 10.2 centimetres, which means it can hold all the valuables of a teenage girl; this includes makeup, pencils, pens and much more.

In addition to the quality material this pencil case is made of, it also comes with gold hardware and gold lining; this makes the entire pencil case look a lot more luxurious. A busy teenage girl always wants to be trendy and this pencil case will certainly enable them to do that.

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The La Cruz Luscious Vanilla Pod Caramel Candle has a total burn-time of 33 hours. The candle is handcrafted and comes in a beautiful glass vessel, which could be used as a decoration once the candle has burned up. The candle is also made with an eco-friendly soy wax, so this candle is suitable for teenagers who are concerned about the environment.

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The Nutella 30 Best Recipes Book contains delicious, simple recipes such as coconut coulants, Nutella Mousse, Nutella Mini Swiss Rolls and so much more. It also has a total of 64 pages, so there is plenty to discover in this themed recipe book.

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Do you have a question about any of the presents for teenage girls in our catalogue? Do not hesitate to contact Everything but Flowers for some additional information. Simply give our team a call by telephone, or send us your question via email.